Zebra showcases new products at MODEX 2022


Zebra Technologies showcases new industry solutions that improve communications and efficiency at MODEX 2022, the world’s premier supply chain trade show.

Zebra introduces its first Android-based all-in-one laptop, the new WS50, and its first RFID sled designed for industrial use, the RFD90. In addition, Zebra is also showcasing its recently announced Fetch FlexShelf Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) solution, along with several other in-booth demonstrations focused on optimizing the execution process and streamlining workflows.

Zebra’s WS50 all-in-one Android laptop is half the size of traditional handhelds and includes a small screen, Wi-Fi and an imager or camera, eliminating the need for multiple supporting devices. hands-free workflows, such as picking, sorting, loading, and putting away. With powerful data capture capabilities and a built-in speaker and microphone, the WS50 supports task management and communication in warehouse, manufacturing and retail environments.

Zebra’s new RFD90 RFID sled offers industrial-grade IP65 and 67 waterproofing and 6-foot drop-on-concrete specifications, making it ideal for use in extreme weather conditions and harsh environments. The RFD90 sled supports package and baggage tracking, cycle counting, cold chain, and item tracking, as well as raw material inventory, work-in-progress (WIP) tracking, and tracking Returnable Transport Objects (RTOs).

Featuring a long-lasting battery for longer shifts and industry-leading read rates, the RFD90 optimizes workflows and reduces task turnaround time, resulting in a greater productivity and a better user experience.

At MODEX 2022, Zebra will also showcase its recently announced fulfillment solution, featuring dynamic equipped worker orchestration complemented by the latest FlexShelf series of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), including the FlexGuide and RollerTop Guide.

New FetchCore runtime software optimizes the human workforce and bot fleet, while smart safety features leveraging cloud-based machine learning algorithms help frontline workers, bots and even forklifts to work side by side safely.

“The global pandemic has created exponential growth in the industrial automation sector as companies scramble to expand operations and meet shipping demands on time, while tackling labor shortages. and high turnover rates,” said Mark Wheeler, director of supply chain solutions, Zebra Technologies. .

“Zebra’s solutions help businesses confidently accelerate their automation efforts through a single vendor, helping them meet needs ranging from moving pallets from trucks to storage locations to moving pickers and cobots through various picking environments,” Wheeler added. “By addressing these needs, companies are seeing increased worker productivity and satisfaction, reduced costs, and improved safety.”

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