Yesli Vega continues to deny the existence of an audio recording where she doubts the likelihood of rape-related pregnancies

Richmond, Virginia Yesli Vega, an anti-abortion extremist, continues to try to deny the existence of the audio recording of her saying that women who are raped cannot get pregnant.

In a recent interview with Fox News, Vega outright lied about her controversial comments where she was asked if it would be harder for a raped woman to get pregnant. To which Vega responded with, “It wouldn’t surprise me, because it’s not something that happens organically. You force it… I can see why there’s some truth to that.


YESLI VEGA: “You know, people have been asking me about it just because its claims are so weird and untrue and so I appreciate constituents coming directly to me for clarification, and once we talk about the issue and where I stand, they’re 100% on board and supporting me.

In a separate interview with CBS19, Vega lied to a reporter, saying, “Those were never my comments.”

Vega has been clear about her extreme anti-abortion stance. She indicated in a survey that she would co-sponsor and support the Life at Conception Act – a bill that would institute a total ban on abortion without exception and certain contraceptives. Vega also applauded the Supreme Court’s proposed opinion to overturn Roe as an “incredible victory” and then questioned the likelihood that women who are raped could become pregnant. Vega also said that only God should decide on the mother’s life.

“Yesli Vega can lie all she wants, but the women of the Commonwealth and our country will never forget her disturbing comments about rape victims,said DPVA spokesman Gianni Snidle. “Yesli Vega’s terrifying determination to wrest women’s reproductive rights is a direct threat to every family in Virginia – and Virginians will reject her at the polls tomorrow.”


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