Yamaha ZG01 Game Streaming Bundle

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Yamaha Music Australia | MSRP: $699

As online content creation becomes increasingly popular, we traditionally see manufacturers of musical instruments and studio equipment release products that cater to this new market. By consolidating all the necessary equipment into one purchase, it greatly simplifies the process of acquiring the necessary recording equipment.

Couple that with the fact that many people transitioning into the field may not have deep knowledge in the space, bundles are a no-brainer. The Yamaha ZG01 package is a great example of an all-in-one package you’ll need to get your streaming or YouTube career off the ground.

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The Yamaha ZG01 bundle comes with the ZG01 audio interface and the YH-G01 gaming headset. The helmet is very comfortable and fits well on the head. The cups were large enough to completely cover my ears, making them more comfortable to wear and reducing the pressure on the ears, which can become painful after those long, perpetually extended “just one more game” gaming sessions. The sound quality is excellent and will serve well for listening, gaming and audio editing. These are gaming headphones, so don’t expect them to compete with studio and monitor headphones, but I consider these to be a decent all-around headset that will suit both beginners and beginners alike. to intermediaries.

Included with the headset is a detachable mic that is inserted into the left ear. The mic itself is of good quality and will be fine for casual gaming and chatting with friends. However, as with any headset mic, the sound quality won’t take you to PewDiePie content creation levels, but Yamaha has an array of options if you were looking to take it to the next level in that department like the mic USB AG01 or cardioid YCM01. condenser microphone. The mic will do the job and you’ll still be able to output with it, but it would be best to consider upgrading to one of these higher quality microphones if you plan to do this sort of thing long term.

The audio interface itself is the real selling point of the bundle. The ZG01 is specifically designed for streaming, and by any measure, it does its job very well. The unit itself has an XLR/TRS combo jack for condenser and dynamic mics, as well as two 3.5mm inputs for headphones and a headset mic, which also comes with a splitter that separates your headphone/mic combo input so you can have independence. control over everyone. On the back of the device are two HDMI inputs for consoles and a USB input for your computer. Each audio source has its own independent controls, making it easy to adjust the levels of each signal to find a healthy balance. You can even route audio from voice chat apps like Discord to its own channel in the interface, allowing you to adjust a single knob without having to go through the app itself. It should be noted that if you intend to plug in multiple consoles, you will need an additional 5V supply to get the signal.

What’s so handy about the ZG01 is that it acts as a splitter for two HDMI sources, meaning switching between two consoles and your PC requires no additional physical setup. By simply pressing a single button, you can switch between the different sources and deactivate them. This switch means you also only need one capture card for your entire setup, as the interface acts as a “thru” device for your consoles, capturing audio while passing the signal through. video to your capture card or monitor.

The interface also comes with fun and practical effects. On the front there are three effects for the incoming mic signal and three EQ presets for the game audio. The effects for the incoming signals include two customizable presets with options for pitch control, reverbs and modulation effects. The third effect is an echo delay to which you can assign the length of the repeats. The other three effects are for processing game audio, with presets suitable for specific game types, such as first-person shooter, story-based games, and more. The presets are a really fun addition to Unity that I’m glad they included. It was a lot of fun playing around with the voice setting and I can see it being a great entertainment tool. I really hope Yamaha adds more options in the effects as this aspect was by far the most fun and playful part of the unit that I can see a lot of people using in their streams.

The interface also uses Yamaha ZG Controller software, which is used to dial in custom presets as well as an overview of incoming and outgoing signals. This is where you can set the streaming audio output and set the levels of what the audience will hear, allowing you to adjust settings on the unit itself without affecting the audio in the stream. In the software, you can add more practical effects such as compression, gates and equalizers to the microphone signal in order to achieve more professional recordings. The interface even has a surround sound emulator to convert the HDMI signal from surround sound to a stereo signal, while maintaining the illusion of surround sound.

Overall, the Yamaha ZG01 Bundle is a great choice for anyone looking to get into streaming. The interface’s ability to act as a splitter makes it very convenient for anyone planning to play different games on multiple consoles. Independent controls on each audio source make finding the right balance very easy and immediate, and the built-in effects are a lot of fun. I can see many streamers using the effects creatively, especially when they’re available at the push of a button. ZG Controller Software makes it easy to edit and dial in your sound, while providing a single place to monitor your levels. The YH-G01 headphones are a great addition to the device and will serve any streamer well, but you might want to consider upgrading to a standalone mic for high sound quality.

As a complete package, I’ve been very happy with what’s included, and you’d be hard-pressed to find such a convenient interface in the streaming space as the ZG01, making it a viable option for beginner streamers. and experienced.

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