Xbox Series X users surprised by new upgrade

Some Xbox Series X users have been surprised by a new upgrade. Specifically, Xbox Insiders participating in the Alpha, Alpha Skip Ahead, and Beta rings have a new feature. For anyone not in Xbox’s Insiders program, you’ll have to wait for the new upgrade, but it shouldn’t be very long. As for the upgrade itself, it’s for audiophiles.

In the audio department, the Xbox Series X has some great features, but it also has a lot of shortcomings. Slowly but surely, Xbox has addressed these shortcomings. For example, recently Xbox finally allowed Xbox gamers to enable an option that when headphones are plugged in, the TV sound is automatically muted. Until recently, such an option did not exist.

Fast forward, and now a new Xbox Insiders update has given attendees a new audio setup screen that will give you the chance to preview how the different HDMI output modes interact with your audio setup before locking one down. The news comes the way of Eden Marie, head of engineering at Xbox who, unfortunately, hasn’t made it known when it will be released to the general public.

“Hey Xbox Insiders! The Alpha, Alpha Skip Ahead, and Beta rings now have a new audio configuration screen that will allow you to preview how different HDMI output modes behave with your audio configuration before selecting one,” said Marie. about the new upgrade.

As always, we’ll update you as more information becomes available, but non-Xbox Insiders should expect to wait at least a few months before getting access to this upgrade.

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