Winners of the 74th Annual Emmy Awards in Engineering, Science and Technology Announced

LOS ANGELES—The Television Academy has announced the recipients of the 74th Engineering, Science & Technology Emmy Awards recognizing an individual, company or organization for developments in broadcast technology.

The awards will be presented at the awards ceremony on Wednesday, September 28, 2022, which will be hosted by Kirsten Vangsness, who starred for 15 seasons in the critically acclaimed CBS drama Criminal Minds and is headlining the 16th upcoming season of the series for Paramount+.

“Innovation is a vital part of television production; and the talented engineers, scientists and technologists we have recognized are essential to the growth of our industry,” said Frank Scherma, President and CEO of the Television Academy. “These pioneering and visionary companies have harnessed the power of technology to fundamentally elevate television and storytelling.”

“Earlier this year, the Academy formed the Science and Technology Peer Group representing members involved in strategy and development of technologies that enable or advance the storytelling process for the television industry,” added committee chair John Leverence. “Led by new peer group governors and co-chairs Wendy Aylsworth and Barry Zegel, this year’s new Engineering Emmy Awards committee recognizes a wide range of innovative solutions to once seemingly intractable engineering problems.”

This year’s recipients of the Charles F. Jenkins Lifetime Achievement Award and the Philo T. Farnsworth Corporate Achievement Award are:

  • The Charles F. Jenkins Lifetime Achievement Award, which honors a living individual whose lifelong contributions have significantly influenced the state of television technology and engineering, will be awarded to Dr. Paul E. Debevec. Paul Debevec receives the 2022 Charles F. Jenkins Lifetime Achievement Award for his groundbreaking work in high dynamic range imaging, image-based lighting and photogrammetry, essential techniques used in computer graphics for visual effects and virtual production. Debevec’s pioneering work makes it possible to record and reproduce light from real scenes to illuminate virtual scenes and vice versa. High dynamic range imaging is a mainstay of computer graphics and, combined with image-based lighting, has enabled realistic integration of existing live lighting into computer-rendered images. These tools and concepts are now a standard in the visual effects industry for rendering. The concepts and innovative use of LED lighting that Paul pioneered with the Light Stage laid the foundation for the use of LED lighting in virtual production, which has grown rapidly as a tool to light actors on virtual stages.
  • The Philo T. Farnsworth Corporate Achievement Award, which honors an agency, company or institution whose contributions over time have had a significant impact on television technology and engineering, will be presented to ARRI. ARRI receives the Philo T. Farnsworth Corporate Achievement Award for its more than a century of designing and manufacturing camera and lighting systems as well as system technology solutions and service networks for a global complex of motion picture industries , broadcasting and media. Industry professionals have long relied on the stability and versatility of ARRI equipment in a portfolio that includes digital cameras, lenses, camera accessories, archival technology, light heads and accessories lighting. In addition to offering exclusive technologies, ARRI Rental Services and Equipment provides camera, lighting and grip packages to professional productions at home and abroad. ARRI cameras have combined the creativity and technology that have made filmed entertainment the premier medium of our time. Dedicated to maintaining its place at the forefront of the development of future technologies for capturing moving images, ARRI has been at it for more than 100 years…and counting, the Academy said.

In addition, the Academy announced seven Engineering Emmys, which are presented to an individual, company, or organization for developments in engineering that are either such a significant improvement on existing methods or so innovative in nature that they materially affect production, recording, transmission or reception. from television:

  • Mark Hills and Marc Bakos for the Cleanfeed remote audio review/recording system. Cleanfeed is a high-fidelity “conferencing” software as a service focused on audio production. It allows collaboration with an audio quality equivalent to all participants gathered in the same studio and with low latencies for a fluid interaction between talents. Cleanfeed’s innovative technology has industry-leading workflows, including being accessible to engineers and home-based talent who use a simple link in their web browser to enable large-scale TV and film post-production. For more information, visit
  • Disguise Systems Ltd. for the disguise platform. The disguise platform is an advance in image processing that integrates elements of video playback and real-time technology to enhance the interaction between computer graphics, digital images and environments, physical actors, accessories and practical decorations. The combination of the disguise rig with LED walls and camera tracking provides real lighting information about actors (and real objects), support for reflective and refractive props, more natural shot alignments and a production environment where creative decisions can be made quickly and with improvement. collaboration. Using real-time 3D visualization-based software and robust hardware, the disguise platform tools seamlessly integrate and drive an array of technologies including camera tracking and real-time content engines that integrate analog physical space into a virtual digital world. For more information, visit
  • Light & Magic for the StageCraft suite of virtual production tools. ILM StageCraft is a suite of end-to-end virtual production tools that bridges the gap between hands-on physical production methodologies and traditional digital post-production visual effects by providing the ability to design, cue and light environments before shooting and then capturing that. in-camera viewing during principal photography. StageCraft brings together a real-time engine, a real-time renderer, high-quality color management, physical camera gear, LED screens, motion capture technologies, timing methodologies, and custom user interfaces on set to digitally create the illusion of 3D backgrounds for live action sets. For more information, visit
  • Geoffrey Crawshaw and William Brinkley for Leostream remote access software. Leostream’s remote access and desktop connection management software enables information and entertainment organizations to create security-conscious remote production environments that are durable, high-performing and cost-effective. Its ability to mix and manage on-premises and cloud-based hosting platforms and support for multiple high-performance display protocols keeps editors and production engineers productive, while simplifying computer science. The ability to manage disparate technologies from a single management and access platform is a unique Leostream construct that enables organizations to advance the state of the art across their entire hosted desktop keeping an eye on the integration of new technologies as they come to market. For more information, visit
  • Shure Incorporated for the Axient Digital Wireless Audio System. The Shure Axient Digital Wireless System gives audio production teams the wireless capabilities needed to deliver transparent, true, artefact-free sound for television and television broadcasts with the highest performing RF (radio frequency), exceptional audio quality , command and control, and the hardware scalability to tell stories seamlessly on the world’s most demanding sets. For more information, visit
  • Sohonet for the ClearView Pivot remote collaboration tool. Sohonet’s ClearView Pivot is a real-time remote collaboration tool with the flexibility to connect creative users with the click of a button, allowing the user to stream color and accurate images in 4K HDR, 12-bit color depth and 4: 4: 4 real-time chroma samples with ultra-low latency. From a single web interface (and without having to set up new firewall configurations for each use), ClearView is able to efficiently connect numerous participants for multipoint review sessions. For more information, visit
  • Stype Cajic, Andrija Cajic, Daniel Kruselj and Ivica Antolkovic for the stYpe suite of optical/camera tracking tools. The stYpe optical/tracking tool suite includes the first bolt-on mechanical tracking kit for camera cranes (StypeKit) which was used to retrofit existing cranes and turn them into virtual production cranes (with lens data supplied to an Ethernet interface), resulting in the simplification of setup procedures and the implementation of lens calibration procedures that eliminated graphical drift and, with the introduction of auto-aim functionality, made smoother VR shots. Additionally, its optical camera tracking system (RedSpy) produces a point cloud marker system used to calculate camera position, which, in conjunction with StypeKit’s crane tracking, meets the most demanding needs of live productions. For more information, visit

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