Wicked Cam Chat is terribly boring!

So buddy Charlie asked me to give Wicked cam chat a try and share what I learned before he wasted any time here. He furtively suspected that this adult video chat site was not up to par.

Was the boy right!

When it’s as obvious as wickedcamchat.com does that a site lacks user value, I usually go over writing a review. Obviously it was one of those dumb tricks random chat sites who are so often dangerous and just totally full of weirdos.

However, we have seen that a fair number of people check out this random cam website. So I said what the hell; I can just as well lay out what is going on with this site as we have done with most of the more popular random video chat sites.

Wicked Cam Chat security issues (what are you guys thinking ?!)

Imagine this creep watching you !! This is what you get on wickedcamchat.

Random sex chat sites have been around for two decades now and they have managed to deceive the public.

Lonely and horny dudes constantly looking for a cyber fuck buddy often end up on a nasty cam chat hoping to find chicks who will give them JOI to unload.

I get you, man, it’s loneliness whipping your log on your own, and sometimes you just wish you had a hottie by your side. However, do you really think women would show their pussy lips to random strangers for free?

If so, you might think about spending your time using some sort of logical tutoring site rather than a live cam porn site.

There is a veritable proliferation of these supposedly random chat sites like Nasty Cam Chat and luckily for you today I intentionally leaked the truth about Nasty Cam Chat in a detailed review.

So what is the mean cam chat about you ask yourself?

Wicked Cam Chat is a free dirty chat platform where you can meet hot cam 2 cam chat sessions with strangers from all over the world. Apparently this random chat site is filled with real amateurs who can be seen doing hot stuff on camera like masturbating or undressing.

The problem is, that’s just not true.

When you first land on wicketcamchat.com, you are presented with the same sleight of hand. You can unlimited chat with hot girls without any yadda yadda registration.

Wicked Cam Chat claims to be different from other roulette chat sites, but don’t take it for its face value. You can imagine what you are getting into when there is no age verification.

Come on, fuck, you could chat with an underage girl exploring her sexual side. Obviously, wickedcamchat is just a hoax, stuffed with horndogs like the rest of these sites. They are almost all the same to be frank.

You’re just on the wrong tree if you want a fun and safe adult video chat platform.

No free cam 2 cam girls here

Here’s a screenshot of the wicked cam chat landing page…

WickedCamChat homepage
Our goal is to expose wickedcamchat’s bunch of blatant lies!

You are therefore first asked to specify your gender and after accepting that you are over 18, you are redirected to the chat room page of wickedcamchat.

There are two types of adult sex chat rooms displayed:

  • Public rooms
  • Member rooms

The public rooms are accessible free of charge, some of them are:

  • Party
  • Champagne
  • Fancy
  • Smoking lounge
  • BBW

You know the chorus …

Member rooms can be unlocked by purchasing credits, but the last time I checked the nasty cam chat claimed that they offer free sex chat with strangers. What a sham !!

These people are liars.

Public chatrooms are nothing to brag about, shoddy cameras will keep popping up on your screen and I have to say I have met so many weirdos here. Old grannies playing with their fur, a scary man scratching his balls and of course, lots of cocks.

If there is anyone reading this who enjoys seeing penises with crooked hair, it could be a real godsend.

Seriously, who the hell wants to watch pervs stroke their cocks? I know some of you do, but the majority of guys don’t want to watch this excruciating show.

I wonder why these weirdos think they’re doing the public a disservice by showing off their hairy monkey.

Man, this site should be called crooked cam chat because there’s really nothing going on here, just a bunch of sick people messing around.

Circle jerk anyone?

In addition to blowing the cover of questionable sex chat sites, we are also talking about how the best adult cam sites having set very high standards in terms of user-centric features and affordable private chats.

WickedCamChat Camera Window
I told you, the naughty cam chat has a sausage festival all year round!

Anyway, coming back to wickedcamchat, after a long wait I was able to find females here. To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement.

When I think of online sex I imagine a girl with a hot ass massaging her big boobs or shoving dildos in her sweet wet pussy. NO, you don’t understand that here.

However, I can assure you that you will come across some ugly ladies who are bored and who are not even ready to take their clothes off. Well I saw a chick in panties finish her homework and in a corner of my twisted brain I was hoping she would take off her panties to reveal her cute little pussy.

Alas, the reality is bitter and it vanished into thin air after a few minutes. Dude, that really hurts!

Wicked Cam Chat is associated with some shady dating sites that you are often redirected to when you click on options like ‘chat with guys’ or ‘meet guys’.

These platforms are mostly fraudsters who collect your personal information and sell it. Long story short, naughty cam chat just isn’t a safe place, you could say it’s a twin of chatib, a scam disguised as a random chat site.

Other sites like Wicked Cam Chat

WickedCam chat room
When wickedcamchat said it was packed with sexy amateur babes, that’s definitely not what I had in mind!

It’s downright shocking that discussion avenue (review at the link) has kids chats in the middle of its sex chat sections. Then there is pig cat, who has lied on the faces of people claiming to offer sexy girls to jerk off with.

Friends, I suggest you try Streamate, (full review at link) a safe adult chat site designed to help horny wankers find tons of hot webcam shows at moderate prices.

Final verdict on the Wicked Cam chat

All I can say is that there is no “free sex chat with strangers” on wickedcamchat. When it comes to cam sex platforms for guys, wickedcamchat is a total waste of time.

See, it just doesn’t make sense to hang out on the mean cam chat when you have Streamate.com which offers a protected user experience as well as HD quality sex cameras.

Think about it, is it really worth risking your future for some substandard adult camera action?

Likewise, if you want to get a taste of professional cam girls with the most stunning bodies, LiveJasmin.com is your destination.

Guys, don’t get your balls broken on a mean cam chat like I did and feel free to drop by to find out more about the the 3 best live sex sites.

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