What happened to Qball after Shark Tank?

When Shane Cox entered the “Shark Tank” in 2017, Qball had already achieved sales of $177,000, priced at $179 a piece with a production cost of $52. Since then, the mic with a twist has taken off. By Lori Greiner website, Qball earned over $3.9 million in sales in the two years after the episode aired. This is partly due to Qball’s expanded market outside of the classroom, which includes professional applications. It’s not just kids, it seems, who love tossing a microphone ball around the room.

Qball has also made a few key updates to appeal to a wider base, including compatibility with Amazon Alexa software and Google Translate. It also syncs with Microsoft apps, Google Hangouts and Skype. The company has also launched a second-generation Qball+, which offers USB functionality and a battery that lasts over twelve hours.

With these improvements, not to mention a few key “Shark Tank” capitals, Qball has expanded its team and marketed ancillary products like sterilizers and covers in fun colors. It’s also tied to its roots as a classroom tool, having introduced grant resources for educators looking to bring Qball to their schools.

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