“We’ve reduced the noise” – Deadline

FCC Chairman Jessica Rosenworcel said she hopes today’s election result will help break the long-standing 2-2 tie on the Regulatory Commission, but she also defended the body’s balance sheet stalled during his leadership.

“We’ve cut the noise and increased the number of things we do,” she said, referring to the profile of the commission under her predecessor as president, Ajit Pai. At the behest of former President Donald Trump, Pai led a series of dramatic rollbacks from longstanding media rules when the five-member commission lost 3-2 in favor of Republicans. Despite Trump being defeated by Joe Biden, Pai then resigned and Democratic candidate Gigi Sohn had her prospects blocked by Congress. The former FCC staffer and progressive activist has never been fully heard in the Senate despite the usual dynamic of the committee leaning towards the president’s party.

Speaking at a panel at the Paley International Council Summit in New York, Rosenworcel said she supports Election Day to provide clearer direction to the FCC. The Senate’s current 50-50 tie leans toward the Democrats because Vice President Kamala Harris can step in to sever ties, but many centrists have expressed concerns about Sohn.

“The agency was designed by Congress to have five commissioners, so I think it works best when it has five,” Rosenworcel said. “I would like to have the majority at the agency, but I will wake up every day thinking about what I can do.” Even if the body remains at 2-2, she added, “I am an optimist. We’re going to do everything we can with the time we have. »

Despite the traffic jams, Rosenworcel said: “We have done a lot. She listed achievements in areas such as affordable broadband, national security, network security. spectrum auctions and response to climate change. Rosenworcel noted that her tenure as the first female president in the FCC’s 87-year history began during the standoff, so that’s the only operating environment she’s experienced from her executive seat. (She first joined the commission as a member in 2012.)

The 30-minute conference covered a few other topics, including recent statements by FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr, a Republican, who proposed a ban on TikTok in the United States due to concerns over the control of people’s data. users by the Chinese government.

“To be clear, this matter is beyond our jurisdiction,” Rosenworcel said. “Although I appreciate my colleague’s comments.”

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