Valorant will record voice chat to prevent disruptive behavior

Riot Games has set July 13 as the date it will start recording voice chat in Valorant, so when reports of disruptive behavior are made, there will be audio the developers can use as evidence.

Like almost every major multiplayer video game, Valorant has had issues with in-game toxicity. Many players are not only rude to each other, but sometimes escalate into identity-based harassment. Riot hopes this new system will help eradicate this behavior.

It’s important to note that this new feature will only record words spoken in English and will only be implemented in North America, at least initially. July 13 marks the start of Riot’s software testing phase, so any audio recordings will not be used for disciplinary action. This registration period will help Riot train its language models and ensure the technology behind the feature is up to snuff.

Riot Games amended Valorant’s terms of service and privacy notice to accommodate this voice recording feature last May, and have likely been working on the system ever since.

Riot Games says that after the testing period ends, it will release a beta that will fully implement this new addition. The dates of this beta have not yet been announced.

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