Uniphore introduces Q for Sales: a real-time equalizer to transform remote B2B shopping experiences

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Uniphore, the leader in conversational automation, today announced Q for Sales, the industry’s first enterprise solution to equip sales organizations with a powerful emotional intelligence (EQ)-based solution to generate positive, engaging and reliable interactions and results with customers. Built on Uniphore’s unique conversational AI and automation platform, Q for Sales leverages computer vision, tonal analysis, automatic speech recognition (ASR) and language processing (NLP) to capture and make recommendations across the full emotional spectrum of sales conversations to increase close rates and sales team performance.

Before the pandemic, 61% of B2B sales conversations were conducted in person, with trust being the key to success. Today, over 66% of B2B sales are made virtually, with 95% of the purchase decision based on unconscious/emotional factors. Moreover, it is known that 93% of all communications are non-verbal and 70% of shopping experiences are associated with EQ. Due to the lack of face-to-face interactions, it can be difficult to read the room and understand the engagement during virtual sessions. Uniphore’s Q for Sales harnesses the power of real-time equalization to help sales organizations everywhere with the right insights and analytics to drive performance and results.

“Conversations and the data associated with them have never been more important to organizations than they are today,” said Umesh Sachdev, CEO and co-founder of Uniphore. “We know that every dollar invested in EQ generates $6 in sales. When developing Q for Sales, we leveraged our experience developing the industry’s most powerful conversational AI and automation platform to create a solution that now measures EQ in real time. , with analytics to energize sales teams. With Q for Sales, sales organizations will no longer be in the dark about what drives success and closes business. »

“Emotions have always played a major role in sales,” said Sylvain Tremblay, SVP, Video AI Business, Uniphore. “Everyone has heard the phrases ‘read the part’ and ‘people buy from people they trust’ that get lost in today’s remote engagements. Q for Sales increases the ability of salespeople to capturing those clues so they can focus on what really matters to their customers and transform their shopping experience.It’s the solution teams will rely on to humanize their interactions, resulting in a winner – win for both parties.

Key features and benefits of Q for Sales include:

  • Real-time EQ meeting support

    Real-Time Emotion AI assistant to help salespeople “read the room”, detect emotional cues and improve engagement in virtual meetings.
  • EQ meeting

    Meeting readings, contextual key moments, engagement and sentiment trends for everyone in your meeting.
  • Transaction equalization

    Insights into opportunity level, customer sentiment and engagement timelines, and key moments from first meeting to close.
  • Key moments

    Provides real-time analytics that show highs and lows in the conversation – times of high and low audience engagement so the presenter can self-correct.
  • Team EQ + Enhance

    Staff EQ performance dashboard for self-coaching and integration to improve ramp time. Q provides salespeople with measurable EQ performance analytics, conversation statistics, post-meeting analysis, and next best actions for each meeting.
  • Integrations

    Works seamlessly with major virtual meeting platforms, CRMs, and calendar platforms.

“The substantial volume of digital interactions from conversations presents organizations with a unique opportunity to be more efficient and deliver better experiences to their buyers and customers by using contextual digital intelligence for conversational insights,” said Mark. Smith, CEO and Director of Research at Ventana Research. “With Q for Sales, Uniphore introduces a next-generation digital innovation that helps sales organizations have more impact in the sales process by adapting to the emotional queues of video buyers, and inevitably for broader business and organizational readiness.”


Q for Sales is available immediately to eligible organizations in beta, first in North America and then in extended regions around the world. It should be generally available in late summer/fall 2022. Subscribe for more information.

About Uniphore

Uniphore is the world leader in conversational automation. Every day, billions of conversations take place across all industries: customer service, sales, HR, education, and more. Whether human-to-human, human-to-machine, or machine-to-machine, conversations are at the heart of everything we do and the new company motto.

At Uniphore, we believe that the companies that best understand and act on these conversations will win. We have built the most complete and powerful platform that combines conversational AI, computer vision, emotion and tone analysis, workflow automation and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) with a business-friendly UX in a single integrated platform to transform and democratize the customer. experiences across industries.

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