Uncooperative dog viralized for making funny cry

TikTok finds himself screaming after watching a clip of a “screaming” dog that went viral on the platform.

Sabrena (@sabrenahnettervilleAkita the Siberian Husky was shared by a friend online and received an impressive 27,000,000 views.

A TikTok user is seen gently removing the dog from the bathing station. But he resists. The dog makes a hilarious howl that many viewers compare to the sound of a cowbell. “I can not.”

Sabrena couldn’t contain her laughter and tried to get Akita to move.

Other TikTok users were stunned and joined the discussion. Some thought they had heard him speak. “I’m busy.”

“I swear huskies are so dramatic,” One. “This video needs to go viral!”

One user said the sound reminded him of Will Ferrell. Presenter.

“Me trying to avoid my responsibility in life,” joked a third.

Others were shocked that a dog actually wanted to attend the groomers – and not leave.

“A dog that WANTS bath time!” noice,” one joked, and another added, “Wait! A husky who wants a bath???”

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It’s not the first time that huskies have invaded the platform.

In a separate viral clip, two mischievous puppies laugh at their owner’s laughter – and they look eerily human.

TikTok user @flola_thehuskiesFang and Lola are shown relaxing on the floor, before Lola starts laughing. Their owner imitates the dog. She imitated him again.

“So no one is going to talk about how he hit that high note like he was at OPRA,” one was a slacker and another was a jerk: “IMAGINE UR DOG BULLYING YOU.”

The third is highlighted: “She even made fun of your wheezing.”

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