Top 3 things we learned from Bills vs. Colts

2. A tailor-made attack

Protecting football wasn’t the Bills’ only issue on Sunday. Buffalo had no response while attempting to neutralize the league’s top rusher, Jonathan Taylor.

From the first practice, the Colts offensive line opened gaping holes for Taylor to exploit. He had six carries for 35 yards on his first possession, including a three-yard touchdown. This would prove to be a forerunner of how the rest of the day would unfold for year two.

“Obviously it wasn’t good enough at all,” said head coach Sean McDermott of the performance. “It starts with me, and when you look at it, the point of attack forward on defense, and just a solid foundation, and then hurt us on penalties. Let’s start there. We have to do a better job in these areas. . “

Although the Buffalo defense didn’t cede a more than 11-yard run to Taylor until he broke a 40-yard run late in the third quarter, he did manage to keep the chains moving as engine of the offensive. The Colts have racked up just 18 first downs.

“JT was special behind the offensive line,” said Colts head coach Frank Reich of Taylor. “Even the tracks that weren’t spectacular, you could just feel the stack moving forward. You could just feel the line moving forward. Great team performance, proud of the guys.”

With all that rushed success, Carson Wentz didn’t have to do much to carry the offense and served largely as a game manager, making just 11 passes for 106 yards. The Colts quarterback threw for fewer yards as Taylor ran with a margin of almost 2: 1.

“We can’t go out like this,” Micah Hyde said. “You have to stop the run. It all starts with stopping the run, affecting their quarterback and removing the ball. We didn’t do any of that. Not a thing. Red zone, didn’t take the ball. N Didn’t put Wentz in a tough spot and they were able to run the ball. Giving too many yards on first and second down. third and two, third and three. Still able to run the ball like a good running game. We couldn’t stop it. “

Taylor finished with 185 rushing yards and just on his season average of 5.8 yards per carry. He also managed all five of Indianapolis touchdowns as he ran four and caught the fifth. Taylor finished the day with a total of 204 yards of scrimmage.

The Bills’ defensive line, which was without Star Lotulelei, who missed his second straight game on the COVID reserve roster, just couldn’t win many battles on the line of scrimmage.

“I believe we are a physical football team,” McDermott said. “Again, when I mention the point of attack, and especially on the defensive side, I felt it could have been better. We were better, just in terms of hand-to-hand violence. ‘forward. So 264 yards – whatever it was rushed, it’s hard to win. “

Buffalo has also made life in Indianapolis easier by offering them third conversions to keep the records alive. In the Colts’ third practice in the middle of the second quarter, the Bills defense was stopped in the 3rd and 8th, but Mario Addison was called up for brutalizing the passer and AJ Klein was flagged for pass interference and the Colts received an additional set of stockings.

The Bills’ defense gave up another first in Indianapolis on a 3rd and 10 on the same record. Carson Wentz slipped from a bag into his pocket as Addison had a chance to wrap it up for a loss but missed. Wentz then rushed for an 18-meter pickup. The drive would end with a field goal.

In the first possession of the second half for the Colts, the Buffalo defense would give Indianapolis another conversion. After putting the Colts in a 3rd and 8, Ed Oliver came home for a sack and a 10-yard loss on the play. But Taron Johnson was flagged for defensive possession and the Colts stayed on the field for four. other games. No points came out of that race for Indy, but all in all, the Bills gave the Colts four first tries via a penalty.

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