Tony Hawk Joins Cover Band Playing ‘Superman’ at Signature Brew

Few video game soundtracks are as beloved as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater those – especially by fans of rock, metal and punk – so it only makes sense that the band covers The 900 performed selected tunes at the Signature Brew in London last night (July 30). What has been surprising, however, was the fact that Tony Hawk himself joined them for their rendition of Goldfinger’s “Superman.”

As reported by Strongerthe independent brewery – whose support for heavy music had previously led them to release several artist-centric beersincluding Mastodon’s Black Tongue – held the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater celebration of the soundtrack without knowing that Hawk would be there.

So it was a complete shock to everyone present when the Birdman (as he’s commonly nicknamed) not only showed up, but jumped onto the stage to help the British band do justice to what Stronger notes is “the very first song to appear on a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Game.” (Of course, “Superman” originally launched the ska punk band’s second album, in 1997 Hang-ups.)

Once on the mic, Hawk waved to the crowd, asking, “What’s up, London? How are you?” Then he shook hands with some fans while customers cheered him on. “Are you guys having fun? How good are these guys? This is amazing. okay, okay, fuck it. No pressure,” he continued.

“I want to thank you all for coming, and I want to thank those guys. It’s such an honor that there’s even a cover band for the songs from our games,” he said. he rejoiced before concluding: “I had to join the party. Have fun. Let’s go, you may know this song.”

Luckily, they’re making a killer version of “Superman,” so Goldfinger would certainly be as proud as Hawk.

You can see Signature Brew’s Twitter post about the surprise collab below:

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