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The Sound of Magic, a popular new K-drama, has garnered a lot of attention. The riveting series filled with magic and wonder captivated viewers around the world. The series has love, hardship, betrayal, and everything else that makes Korean productions so intriguing and addictive in the first place, while still staying true to the broader philosophy of K-drama.
According to Flix Patrol, this Netflix Korean drama ranked first in “Netflix Popular TV Programs” in a total of 15 regions. It was also ranked fifth in terms of overall streaming.

The Sound of Magic is a Netflix original Korean drama series that premiered simultaneously in 190 countries on May 6, 2022. The show quickly gained international acclaim for its well-crafted storyline and stunning cinematography. The Sound of Magic is based on Ha II-webtoon Kwon of the same name, which he wrote and illustrated. He is known for his roles in Sambong Barbershop, The God of Bath and other films.

The show has a 98% viewership rating on Google, with critics praising the production team and cast for their efforts. The show also has an IMDb rating of 8/10, which has contributed to its international success.
The series differs from traditional K-dramas in that the actors sing and dance freely, which is rare in Korean productions. In the Korean film industry, director Kim Sung-yoon was the first to undertake the task of merging a musical and a drama. Director Kim noted that he didn’t want to film a musical at first, but included it to help the main character’s emotions shine through.

Several sequences of young people dancing and singing together in The Sound of Magic stirred the hearts of viewers. They have piqued the interest of Indians, who grew up watching Bollywood, which is known to use musical aspects to give extra vitality.
According to Flix Patrol, the K-drama series is the most popular TV program in 15 countries, including Bahrain, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Oman, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar and others.

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