The season looks like another great photography game

After several years of development, Season: A letter to the future is finally set to debut in fall 2022, and once again it mesmerizes gamers with its beautiful aesthetic and ethereal vibes. Fans anticipated Seasonfor many years now, and with PlayStation’s latest trailer finally providing not only a glimpse of the game’s objective and how its story is driven, but also a demonstration of some of its core mechanics, it looks ready to be the next cult classic non-game that many are hoping it will be.


Although stylistically unique, Season is set to be another game to join an ever-growing list that lets players explore and capture photos of a dynamic open world, contributing to the increasingly popular photography game trend that have emerged in recent years. Unlike those like-minded games, however, it looks like Season will offer more than just picturesque snapshots and the raw beauty of the world’s sound.

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The season captures life itself

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and obviously that seems to be the mantra Season approaches players by setting the stage for a world full of characters with rich stories to tell and mysterious areas to explore. Two basic mechanics were demonstrated in the latest State of Play showcase, one offering a glimpse of how the player can take snapshots of anything and everything, and the other a microphone ready to capture any sounds, voices or music that the player might want. registration. Season seems to present a philosophy of immortalizing the finite, as the trailer continues to provide an enigmatic introduction to a community of places and people who will mysteriously vanish within a season, hence the title of the game.

But this is not a new concept, as recent games such as Tom and Pupperazzi integrate the mechanics of photography into their game design. Whereas Pupperazzi takes on a more candid camp tone that sounds more like a collectathon than exploration and experimentation, Tom in particular is the best comparison with the next Season. It also takes the player on an adventure through a stylized world full of interesting characters and locations, with the player being able to freely take pictures of anything they wish. Tom differs, however, as it places the player on a self-serving journey through the game world, completing quests along the way and presenting an untold narrative for the player to uncover.

Season seems to promise a more sophisticated and grander experience, all reflecting the player’s personal experience with the game and how they choose to play. With rich colors and added depth of sound and dynamic interactions, Season enhances the photographic gameplay experiences offered in previous games. From the current trailers provided and the aforementioned mysterious cataclysm nearing the end of the season, it looks like it has a bittersweet but utterly fantastic story to tell – even the subtitle. Game, A letter to the futurepromises an air of mystery.

Whether the game will rely more on its characters or its locations, the stories told or the stories uncovered will all have to do with when the game is officially released. But 2022 promises to bring a diverse range of games that explore new waters for offer unique gaming experiences, Wander at Season: A letter to the future.

Season: A letter to the future is slated for release in Fall 2022 on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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