The Puget Sound lowlands face a freezing week with record cold

[KIRKLAND, Wash.] – (MTN) Record cold is expected for the coming week with temperatures 15 to 20 degrees below normal. There is a small chance for a few stray snowflakes late Sunday evening before the region dries out and a cold sun breaks through a partly cloudy sky.

A weak disturbance currently developing in eastern British Columbia will move into eastern Washington on Sunday evening, bringing cloudy skies to the Puget Sound lowlands. A strong area of ​​high pressure off Vancouver Island will keep the disturbance to the east and push it south into Oregon. As the two circulation centers push against each other, winds will increase Monday afternoon. In the lowlands, winds will be 10 to 15 MPH from the north, with stronger gusts. The north wind will pull cold air south into Washington.

Temperatures will be in the mid-30s Monday morning, reaching a high of 42 to 44 along the I-405 corridor. There is little support for a convergence zone to form Sunday night, and not enough moisture to produce pockets of snow accumulation. Monday evening lows will drop to 26 to 28 degrees. This is just the opening act.

The high pressure area will move further east on Tuesday, while the low pressure area will better organize and drift southwest of Oregon. A cold front will cross the lowlands on Tuesday afternoon, with winds of 10 to 20 MPH and stronger gusts, pushing additional cold air from the Fraser Valley. Skies in the region will clear before sunset, enhancing radiant cooling overnight. Daytime highs will be 37 to 39, before dropping to record cold with lows of 19 to 21 degrees.

Wednesday will be chilly under mostly sunny skies with highs of 36 to 39. High clouds moving in late afternoon will thicken overnight and help keep things slightly warmer. Lows will reach 26 to 28 degrees with a very slight chance of a light snow squall with little or no accumulation.

Looking at the long term weather pattern, Thursday is expected to be a mostly sunny day. Daytime temperatures will exceed 40 degrees with highs of 40 to 44. Overnight lows will reach 23 to 27, jeopardizing the current record of 24. For now, Friday is expected to be a repeat of a Thursday, clouds ​thickening in the evening.

Cold temperatures will bring life-threatening conditions and can freeze pipes

Such low temperatures put the lives of homeless people at risk. As of press time, there was no information on cold weather shelters available, or what action King County officials are taking.

The coming week will also be dangerous for pets and Tuesday evening, backyard livestock. Cats and dogs will need places to escape the cold, ideally inside your home. Pet water bowls freeze, preventing them from hydrating.

Outdoor faucets should have the hoses disconnected and be covered or wrapped to protect them from freezing. In older homes with sinks facing exterior walls, setting your faucets to a low trickle and opening cabinet doors under the sink will help prevent pipes from freezing. Know where the water shutoff valve is for your home and make sure that if you need a tool to use it, you have one.

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