The Critical Communications Review – Hytera Unveils New TETRA E-Pack 100


Tetra | 2021-10-07

Hytera is pleased to announce the launch of its TETRA E-Pack 100 Digital Wireless Ad Hoc Networking Device.

The E-Pack is an all-in-one radio, repeater and mesh node designed for fast and flexible deployments such as emergency situations. All three modes use only one frequency, which can save RF resources considerably.

No infrastructure or cables are required, making it ideal for situations requiring a quick response. The battery operated device ensures that when the power supply fails or TETRA networks are compromised, the E-Pack allows emergency services to communicate using their existing TETRA handsets in direct mode with up to 10 hours of talk time.

The E-pack can make and receive calls with other E-Packs or TETRA radios via a pocket microphone. It can be used as a repeater to transmit a call to another device, to a Hytera E-Center portable dispatch unit, or to connect to a macro network. As soon as it is powered on, the E-Pack automatically connects with other E-packs to form a dynamic, self-configuring ad hoc wireless mesh network.

Up to three jumps are supported. If an E-Pack goes out of coverage or goes down, voice calls are automatically routed to another E-Pack to ensure link continuity and provide a self-healing network. The E-Pack offers adjustable RF power outputs of 1W / 5W / 10W.

The lightweight (3.6kg) E-Pack offers flexible deployment options including backpack, wall, vehicle, and drone installation. It is very rugged, IP67 protected against dust and moisture and MIL-STD 810G certified for resistance to drops, shock and vibration. It operates at temperatures from -30 ° C to + 60 ° C.

A typical scenario would be a fire in a high-rise building, where coverage is not available due to the fire or lack of infrastructure. Firefighter E-Packs will seamlessly nest together using ad hoc links as they move around the building. E-Packs also support radio links with external colleagues.
E-Packs are ideal for search and rescue operations in mountainous terrain, as the 10W output provides extensive coverage. They can extend coverage above ground by providing temporary signal extension and provide reliable communications to field workers, such as electricity or other utilities, working in remote locations.

The TETRA E-pack 100 is an excellent addition to any TETRA public safety system, as it ensures that even in the event of a total communications failure, all staff can talk to each other using their existing terminals.

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