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A barren planet, a fierce storm, and a stranded astronaut with a hilarious sense of humor and ingenuity. Mix these three elements together and say hello to your next must-read sci-fi novel, Andy Weir’s. The Martian.

In the not-so-distant year 2035, NASA’s Ares III mission lands on Mars’ Acidalia Planitia. However, six days into their planned month-long stay, disaster strikes, leaving botanist and engineer Mark Watney stranded while the rest of his teammates narrowly escape the Red Planet. Armed with a disarming demeanor and boundless creativity, Watney finds himself faced with the reality that he could very well be the first to die on this lonely planet, millions of miles from Earth where NASA is. has already considered a space victim. Despite these intimidating realizations, Watney struggles to survive in what is literally no man’s land.

While The Martian has also been successfully adapted for film, Weir’s novel brings the trials and tribulations of Watney and the Ares III team to life in a book that will have you laughing out loud in some parts and in others, close the book quietly lest you accidentally throw it across the room. spillway The Martian is a gripping story of how far a man would go to survive and how far a planet would go to save him.

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