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Apple iPhone 14 Pro

Price: 1339€

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The iPhone 14 Pro has arrived. Announced at Apple’s Far Out event in Cupertino, the phone features predictable changes – camera improvements and the latest A16 Bionic chip – and exciting features that may entice people to upgrade their phones. devices.

Physically, you might have a hard time telling the difference between last year’s model and this one unless you opt for the new colors. Apple has a proven formula here, and it’s largely left it behind. The camera array on the rear of the 14 Pro is slightly larger than its predecessor – meaning new phone cases if you’re upgrading – and the lenses feel physically bigger too, but there’s very little in it.

So what does the iPhone 14 Pro bring? First, Dynamic Island, the feature that launched a thousand memes. Apple has lost the screen notch from the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, giving it a subtle way to stand out from the iPhone 14 and a new way to interact with the phone in one go.

Instead of the notch, the iPhone 14 Pro has a pill-shaped cutout that not only forms around the front camera, but also turns into an interactive bar, depending on which app you’re using. For example, if you’re playing music and minimize the player, the dynamic island will display album art and a sound wave that, when tapped, will take you straight to the controls. If you are recording something, the microphone icon will show up in space.

Using minimized Maps will launch directions in the dynamic island so you don’t have to activate your phone. Likewise, using FaceID, connecting AirPods to the phone, or making a video call will show icons in the space. And if you use more than one app that takes advantage of the feature, the “island” splits apart to give the apps space.

As mentioned, the camera has been improved. That means bigger pixels, more light reaching the sensor and an improved low-light feature. On the front camera, you get autofocus, which is a small addition but improves your shots by a significant factor.

The rear camera now has 48 megapixels, although the standard shot doesn’t give you that resolution. Instead, it takes four pixels and combines them, so you get the 48-megapixel detail in a 12-megapixel image. If you want to do it yourself, the Pro Raw setting will give you the full size image so you can take care of it yourself.

The video camera now includes an action mode that reduces jerky movements caused by running, for example. With an iPhone 13 Pro side-by-side with the new 14 Pro, the difference in images was noticeable. The latest iPhone looked like it was sliding, instead of clumsily walking while holding two phones, a movement the iPhone 13 Pro accurately conveyed even with its image stabilization.

Some of the coolest features are ones we couldn’t test, and Apple hopes you never have to use them. Collision detection that uses advanced sensors and machine learning to detect when you’ve crashed your car, for example, is something no one ever wants to experience first-hand.

According to Apple, the security feature will trigger when it detects certain conditions – speed, movement, etc. – and will call the emergency services if you are unable to do so yourself. You will first receive an alert. If for some reason it was triggered by mistake, you can cancel it before an ambulance arrives at your doorstep.

Another that falls into that “nice to have, hope I never test it” category is the Satellite SOS. Available initially in the US and Canada later this year, the satellite connection will allow you to send a message to the emergency services if you are in trouble and out of mobile phone range.


Improvements to the camera and updated chip make the iPhone 14 Pro the best iPhone you can get right now. The action mode on video works great, and the additional portrait options give you more flexibility. Focusing also seems faster, with less face blur and soft shots when trying to capture shots of children and pets.

The dynamic island may have taken a few gentle ribs online, but it’s actually a very useful feature, and once you get used to it – which happens faster than you might think – it becomes a much faster way to access apps that use it.

The worst :

If you already own the iPhone 13 Pro, you’re unlikely to see such a big leap in features and functionality to justify starting over on a new device. However, the days of upgrading to a new device every year are over for most smartphone brands, with people hanging on to their smartphones for a few years or more.

A combination of factors has also seen the cost of the iPhone 14 Pro rise, so if you buy it SIM-free, the price may hurt.

The rest:

The always-on display isn’t specific to the iPhone 14 Pro, but it’s a nice feature to have. It turns off when the phone is in low battery mode, and when the phone is face down or in your pocket, it turns off to avoid battery drain.

While some people have purchased an iPhone in the US to take advantage of cheaper prices in the past, it may not be a runner with the iPhone 14. US phone models have ditched the SIM tray, so it won’t be a runner. qu’esim, the ruler for most – if not all – Irish guests.

The verdict:

The best iPhone you can buy right now, if you have the money to spend.

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