The 10 Best AI Jobs Available at Government Agencies Around the World

by Sayantani Sanyal

25 November 2021

Government and the public sector stand to reap tremendous benefits from integrating AI into their day-to-day operations. As artificial intelligence and machine learning gain momentum, a growing number of government agencies have also started using AI tools to improve decision-making and national security. The use of AI in government must consider privacy and security, compatibility with legacy systems, and changing workloads. The heart of AI in government services involves techniques such as deep learning, computer vision, speech recognition, and robotics. In addition, the detection of cyber anomalies can revolutionize cyber strategies in defense systems. To use these cutting-edge technologies, government agencies around the world employ skilled and experienced AI professionals. In this article, we’ve listed 10 AI jobs currently available at these agencies.

Data scientist

Provided by: Canadian Security Intelligence Service

Location: Ottawa, ON

Applicants must have an undergraduate degree in mathematics, statistics, computer science or computer engineering. Successful candidates will define, develop and lead data science programs to identify opportunities and provide solutions and capabilities to address them. They must independently research, transform, interpret and exploit the data collected.

Business intelligence specialist

Provided by: Canadian Security Intelligence Service

Location: Ottawa, ON

This organization is looking for a Business Intelligence Specialist to transform its business solutions as part of a mission to keep all Canadians safe. Their main responsibilities would include installing, maintaining and configuring business intelligence platforms, and ensuring that all issues are identified, tracked and reported promptly.

Data scientist

Offered by: Department of the City of Grand Junction

Location: Colorado

The organization is looking for an analytical expert to join its team as a data scientist, who will be responsible for the collection, conversion and integration of raw data from various sources and the implementation. analysis into meaningful information to market Grand Junction as a destination of choice. . Candidates should be proficient in data mining and modeling, programming languages, and data visualization.

RPA Process Analyst

Provided by: Government of Alberta

Location: Alberta, remote

Applicants will be expected to support the RPA team and stakeholders by providing analysis of RPA processes and recommendations for improvement for automation projects. They will also be responsible for researching, reviewing and analyzing the effectiveness and efficiency of existing business processes and developing strategies to improve and automate them.

Embedded Machine Learning Engineer

Offered by: Pixuate (Cocolabs Innovative Solutions Pvt Ltd)

Location: Bangalore

As Embedded ML Engineers, candidates will be expected to work on creating next generation products based on ML-based edge devices. They will have to research and develop lifelong learning and customize ML algorithms, innovate new methods to develop AI performance on the device. Pixuate is a cutting-edge video analytics company, whose innovations are even recognized by the Indian Government’s TDB as the top 6 innovations that have helped India fight Covid-19.

Data scientist

Offered by: National Security Agency

Location: Fort Meade, Maryland

The NSA is looking for a Data Scientist who is a skilled computer scientist who can solve complex problems, test innovative approaches, and research new solutions to store, manipulate and present information. Candidates interested in participating in the development of advanced tools and technologies can apply for this position.

Senior IA / ML Specialist

Offered by: By Government Systems Corporation

Location: Annapolis Junction, Maryland

The qualified candidate will work with a peer group to work in areas such as image processing, digital forensics, and data management. In addition, they will also have the opportunity to participate in the research and development of company-funded white papers for DOD and IC research and development.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning project manager

Offered by: World Economic Forum LLC

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

The project manager will develop and facilitate engagement in Forum communities for partners from industry, government institutions, research institutes, media and other organizations. His responsibility will be to lead the project team through project management, content management and coordination.

Competitive intelligence analyst

Offered by: SAIC

Location: Virginia, USA, remote

In this role, candidates will perform competitive analysis of NSSS’s highest priority offerings, working closely with Capture Managers and other business development staff. They will need to work successfully independently and in collaboration not only with the CI team, but also with other SAIC teams.

Data Analyst-GIS Consultant

Offered by: NLUD

Location: New Delhi, India

NLUD is looking for a Data Analyst who can successfully become the data steward of the organization so that the professionals and stakeholders involved can use the data and make strategic business decisions. Degrees in computer science, analysis or mathematics would be considered a bonus.

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