Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field is a major synthesizer upgrade

Teenage Engineering is a company that offers electronic products such as synthesizers, speakers and mixers. The brand has also collaborated with other big names and designers to produce creations with sublime designs.

The brand is known for its products that allow you to become creative, especially with sounds. The most notable is remembered, Love Hultén’s TE-LAB, although the design only used the Teenage Engineering PO Modular series. This Teenage Engineering Computer-1 case was also noteworthy. The latest is the OP-1 Field which is an obvious sequel to the OP-1.

Designer: Teenage Engineering

The all-new OP-1 Field is another synthesizer that improves upon the previous model. This evolution brings several improvements and refinements. This features a more updated design along with the latest technology.

Teenage Engineering has improved this synthesizer and tweaked the features to benefit more sound designers, professional musicians, and recording artists. It’s an updated version of the already impressive OP-1, but it still has a lot to do, as with most gadgets. This is a more professional version with its new features and functions.

Field OP-1

On the design side, it is made of natural anodized aluminum. His frame is more discreet now. There’s a new field color scheme, a floating keyboard, and a high-resolution screen. It is also equipped with Bluetooth midi, full signal chain stereo, different recording styles and formats, and multiple tapes. Its battery can last up to 24 hours, and the company has also added a “dimension” synth engine and new reverb. There is also a new FM antenna and a new speaker system.

Teenage Engineering continues to apply its signature mindset to a new generation of technology. This OP-1 field results from previous products such as the OP-1 portable synthesizer, the OD-11 orthodirectional loudspeaker and the OB-4 magic radio. The designers have combined the best functions and improved them to add them to the new version.

OP-1 Field Design

Other changes include updated screen-by-screen graphics, USB-C connectivity, more durable line-in/line-out jacks, and a 4-pole audio jack for headset mic support. There’s also 32-bit audio, MFi USB midi and audio connectivity for iPhone, and a new passive radiator-sized speaker. The synthesizer comes with two Velcro closures on the back and measures 28.8cm x 10.2cm x 2.9cm. There are now eight tapes to record for convenience.

OP-1 field details

Teenage Engineering’s vision is to create products that bring creativity to life. Its efforts include partnering with like-minded brands and artists, such as through its agreement with IKEA. Teenage Engineering and Ikea have designed downloadable 3D print files to amplify home audio systems.

OP-1 Field Features

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