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In case you missed it
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More event technology we’re excited about this month
To track and manage participation in hybrid events
Event and community platform Exchange card launched a new portable app called SwapAccess, which provides event planners with an all-in-one session registration and access solution for hybrid events by analyzing attendees as they enter and exit sessions. Organizers can track session attendance and control participant access in person and online on the phone and tablet app, which works within the Swapcard ecosystem. Other strengths include the ability to easily award educational credentials and training certificates by taking attendance; organizers can also separate participants into different focus groups, easily forward interested audience members to partners sponsoring program sessions, get information on how long people attend a session, and more.

For safety and security COVID-19 vaccine verification
Secure site check-in recently announced that its private digital QR code check-in app can now handle COVID-19 vaccination verification for workers and event guests. Upon arrival, participants use their smartphones to scan a private QR code and register. Through the app, organizers can ask guests to privately and securely upload a photo of their CDC-issued vaccination card with vaccination dates; the organizers do not have access to personal health information or any other data on the smartphone. The app can also include personalized questions, such as event ratings, and if someone tests positive for COVID-19, the service can provide a report that includes those who were in potential contact with the infected person.

“As COVID-19 variants gain traction and employers and large events demand proof of vaccination, consumers are rightly concerned about the privacy of their data,” said the CEO of the company, David Ward. “With Safe Site Check In, employers and hosts can quickly set up a secure and private way for people to check in and provide proof of vaccination without compromising the privacy of employees and customers.”

To easily manage business trips
Corporate traveler—A global travel management platform exclusively for startups and mid-sized businesses — launched Melon, a new, proprietary travel management solution. Launched in the United States and Canada, Melon provides a one-stop solution for travel management, with features such as AI technology that can easily be switched between mobile and office without losing functionality; users also have access to 24-hour service and can set custom algorithms and even individual spending levels. Additionally, program administrators can track employee whereabouts in real time, while Melon’s health and safety capabilities provide early alerts on risk-related events impacting travel, such as entry requirements, latest government and vendor COVID restrictions, inclement weather, crime and more.

To engage your virtual participants
Marketing and event management technology company Certain launched Touchpoint Stream, a new intuitive solution for virtual and hybrid events. The product provides a flexible central platform for attendees to easily access live and on-demand content and interact with speakers, sponsors, event hosts and other attendees. By capturing attendee engagement through features such as live polls, surveys, chat, gamification, and discussion forums, Touchpoint Stream creates a personalized attendee journey throughout the event; Businesses can then use this information to measure event success and inform future marketing and event decisions. Certain has partnered with the Kaltura virtual platform for the service.

To keep things simple and organized for your event speakers
Full-service production company Audiovisual Image has developed a new presentation management portal that automates the process of organizing, collecting and uploading presenter material. The system, which is part of the company’s proprietary virtual platform, eAttend Global, gives each presenter access to a secure portal to download and manage their session material. It is designed to handle live events, where presentation materials uploaded to the system are then sent to the session room, as well as hybrid and virtual events, where presenters can upload a pre-recorded presentation and any accompanying material. .

Schedule and coordinate in-person meetings at conferences and trade shows
Chili Piper, an inbound conversion platform for sales and marketing teams, recently debuted Chile Events, a new technology that can automatically schedule, coordinate and track in-person meetings at conferences and trade shows. The technology has a number of easy-to-use features including event-specific URLs for pre-booking, the ability to automatically coordinate availability between meeting spaces, calendar integrations, automatic reminders, a board all-in-one event management dashboard and more.

“In-person events are extremely important for B2B revenue teams,” said Nicolas Vandenberghe, CEO and co-founder of Chili Piper. “With Chili Events, we enable marketing and sales to not only automate the booking of conference and trade show meetings with key prospects and customers, but to treat these meetings like any other digital touchpoint in the customer journey. , with quantifiable results and data. “

For a fully produced live virtual event
Animated media—An award-winning production company that provides audiovisual, event management and creative services for corporate and association events — also offers the Conference-On-Demand + LIVE platform. The service provides comprehensive and convenient live production services for online gatherings, aimed at generating a virtual component that rivals fine television production. The full-service platform offers everything from signing up to chat and screen sharing to surveys and Q&A. Other features are intended to incorporate aspects of in-person events, such as recordings of God’s voice with music, animated walk-in loops, sponsor advertisements, and personalized branding. The service also offers a personalized portal for live and on-demand documents.

For quick and easy group bookings for meetings and events
Event management platform Eventsforce launched a new ticketing and registration platform. The “Groups and Tickets” system is designed to help organizers sell more tickets and increase revenue from group bookings. Group bookings have the choice of providing the registration details themselves or using the company’s group invitation tool, which allows people to complete their own registration information. A simple setup process ensures that organizers can launch their events quickly, while a WordPress widget allows them to set up ticketing across multiple websites.

“The platform was developed to solve some of the biggest issues that organizers typically face when managing groups for events such as conferences, festivals, workshops and community gatherings,” explained George Sirius. , CEO of Eventsforce. “It takes a lot of the paperwork out of the way and helps them secure group booking money much faster. More importantly, it gives them the tools to manage group experiences as easily as individual participants.

The latest news on promotions and mergers
Event interpretation company To interpret launched new live captioning capabilities for multilingual meetings and conferences. In addition to Interprefy’s sign language offering, Interprefy Captions is available in 31 languages ​​and was designed as a visual aid allowing users to follow speech through translated subtitles, with real-time interpretation. by professional conference interpreters transcribed into live captions using automated speech recognition powered by AI. Technology.

Julius Solaris has joined the all-in-one event management platform Get in as Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Events, where he will support the continued growth of the business by guiding core marketing strategies and engaging the event community. The industry veteran, who most recently worked at Swapcard and is the founder and former editor-in-chief of EventMB, will co-host Hopin’s EventMinded, a mental health summit for event professionals, on October 12. .

Event and experienced marketing agency George P. Johnson (YPG) has acquired a significant minority stake in one of its long-standing partners, a full-service video agency NOMOBO. The investment allows YPG to extend its cinematic approach to virtual and hybrid events by creating high-quality productions that integrate broadcasts into the overall design of the experience, rather than just a simple add-on.

Qwick, an on-demand recruitment platform for the food industry, has expanded to Los Angeles. It is the company’s 11th operating city and second in California, after San Diego. Launched in 2018, Qwick provides a platform for food and beverage professionals to connect directly with hotels, caterers, event venues and restaurants.

Event software company Bizzabo hired five new executives, bringing a total of over 70 years of experience to the team. They are: Devin Cleary, vice president of global events; Sarah North, Director of Events Experiences; Megan Murphy, vice president of account management; Tim Bull, vice president of sales in the EMEA region; and Elijah Clark-Ginsberg, Product Manager.

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