Tears talking about his father and sweet messages to his children

Manu Ginobili in tears as he talks about the sweet message to his father and children

Emmanuel Ginobilik added another major difference to his impressive playing career: he entered Hall of fame basketball as part of Generation 2022 at a ceremony in Springfield, Massachusetts. The Argentine player received the most important recognition for everything he did during his NBA phase with the San Antonio Spurs and the Argentine national team.

The Four Rings winner gave an emotional speech in the world’s most important league Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame“These videos, it’s been a long journey. For players like me, individual achievements are not important, I’m not here for what I’ve done but to be part of a team. One of the most important teams of the 2000s,” said the Argentine, who spoke with former teammate, friend and NBA legend Tim Duncan, as the final speaker of the evening.

Manu Ginobili’s full speech to Hall of Fame 2022

The Argentine has come a long way since the age of six when he started playing for his club Bahia Blanca: “I started when I was six or seven years old in Bahia Blanca, a block from where I live., My father was the president of the founders. If that didn’t work, he would be in the club. My brothers played there. He picked me up from school in the afternoon, helped me cross the street and played all day. He dribbled, he shot, he dribbled, he shot. Six or seven hours a day. It was a great place to strengthen and develop my love for the sport and my qualities.

In the review, he noted his professional debut at Andino de la Rioja and Estudiantes de Bahía Blanca. He also took the time to remember his arrival in the Argentina team and especially to thank the Italian coach Ettore Messina, who took him to this country and certainly turned him into a star. ,There I began to realize what was an unattainable dream for me, The Italian experience was very valuable to me. It’s not just about how I grew as a player, but also as a person.

“During these years in Reggio Calabria I was with a national team in a tournament and I received a call in which they told me that I was Created by San Antonio SpursI said that ? “. i really couldn’t believe it, I had no hope. There was no conversation My agent told me he didn’t know I was drafted, any. Salaam, press conference, nothing…”, he joked, referring to his selection in 57th position.

,it was 16 years in san antonio, 16 years old with the same coach, same color, same city, I have so many people to thank. I will be shorter this time. You were so important to me and my family, I can’t thank you enough,” he said looking into her eyes. Greg Popovitch, one of the star guests of the ceremony. even talk duncan: “One of the best players in history, I learned a lot from you. How to be an example in the field.

was on the seats Tony Parker, another member of the ideal trident: “We never let go of our egos, we knew when it was your time and when it was mine.” “We have won many titles, won games, it takes a lot of coins to win championships and we had a lot of them,” he clarified before reviewing other teammates such as Bruce Bowen “You made my job so easy,” she told him. Matt Bonner – “You were a great colleague” -, cake mills, Tiago Separator, boris diav and Argentina fabrice oberto Your “ideal partner”.

“A hundred names. I thank you all. I like to share a team with you, share these dinners, win and lose together, It was fantastic,” he admitted. “When you talk about the San Antonio organization, it’s so much more than the players. Very skilled people who feel the culture of San Antonio. Thanks for choosing me, thanks for keeping me, the city, the community, thank you all,” he said.

He also reviewed his life with the Argentina team, thanking the NBA and the fans: “The strangest thing about my career is that at the same time I had such a great career, so successful in San Antonio, which was the Argentine team. . We have always done everything as a team. I give importance to everything. Titles, conversations, meetings, jet lag, breakfast, it’s more than friendship, it’s brotherhood, Hope we have more adventures now. Thank you to the NBA for giving us this extraordinary context to do what we love. Better sports organization. Thanks to the fans, I felt their passion, their love every day.

Although the most moving moment was when Asked for “one minute” to speak in Spanish and decided to address his family in his mother tongue. ,Seppo and Lee, my brothers, thank you for leading the way, thank you for the inspirationThey pushed me when I was little because I wanted to be like you”, he began before showing a lump in his throat and tears in his eyes.

“Dad, I wish you were here, so you could understand what is happening today. My first devotee and greatest follower, I miss you so much old man, I miss you…”They said yu-yo, his father who is going through a delicate health problem. ,Mom: I know you’re looking over there, It took me three sons to understand the sacrifices you made for us for so long. Effort, dedication, love in action, freedom to choose, thank you mom,” he added enthusiastically.

The closing, still in English, was addressed to his wife. Marianela Orono (Manny) and her three children: Luca, Dante and Nicola. “Manny, Luca, Dante and Nico… If I have to choose a moment to stop time, it’s the time we traveled together and the things we did., Thanks for everything, I love who we are, and I love who you are. Thank you all”.

“It was very pleasant. Thank you all for being here. And together for more adventures,” he concluded, addressing the audience and receiving well-deserved applause.

Manu Ginobili’s reaction to his induction into the Hall of Fame

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