Streamate or LiveJasmin – Which is the best adult webcam site?

Have you ever thought about asking if Streamate or LiveJasmin is a better webcam site? Asking me to choose between my two absolute favorites adult cam sites? It seems like a trick question. I was regular on both tied, I had my moments (or hours !?) of pleasure and yet this question made me think …

What the hell? I am up to this challenge and will go through each of these best adult cam sites on predefined settings and hopefully come up with an answer.

To be impartial and fair, I have defined a few criteria and I will rate these sites out of 5

(5 being the highest) to arrive at an informed decision. So let’s get started –

streamate vs LiveJasmin – the featured cam girl is from

Look and feel

I have to admit I’m NOT a fan of shady, shoddy looks cam sites who offer nude cam shows at great rates; I prefer to spend a little and enjoy a good show. So when it comes to “look and feel”, the two sites are fighting a tug of war. They look clean, uncluttered, cleverly laid out (noobs rejoice!) And well planned.

But again, when it comes to a personal favorite, I’ll have to choose LiveJasmin over Streamate. This red color in the background sets the mood and enhances the vignettes populated with beautiful cam girls and the boys. Not only can I choose the size of the thumbnails as well, which means there is no endless wait for the “next page” to load. Also features – Two-way audio function, Cam2Cam function and private session with model – this is not available with “all” models of Streamate.

So the score is LiveJasmin – 4.5 / 5

Streamate – 4.0 / 5

Costs – What are the cheapest Cams Chat deals

Costs must be one of the most important factors when comparing two adult webcam sites. Let’s take a quick look at the costs of each before diving into the comparisons.

LiveJasmin membership costs – LiveJasmin has few membership plans that allow you to purchase credits for a certain amount. The cheapest plan costs $ 17.99 in credit at $ 31.99 which in my opinion is very cheap when you compare it to others good adult webcams. As plan prices increase, you can also get your hands on free credits with each plan.

Streamate Membership Fee – Surprise surprise, Streamate gives you plenty of great stuff at absolutely zero cost. It has no concept of membership fees, which makes it a free service adult webcam site. They also have these “pay per minute” chat rooms that can be accessed without membership fees or recurring charges. This means you only pay for what you see.

LiveJasmin – 4.5 / 5

Streamate – 5/5 (which says no to free and quality stuff)

good cam sites
We compared Livejasmin and Streamate 2 good cam sites to see which one is better.

Security – Are they both really private?

When you part with your sensitive personal information like your name and credit card details, it’s natural to feel paranoid about security. Are they alleged ‘best sex cam sites‘ sure? Take my word for it when I say 101%. I had both inspected from different angles and found them to be safe and secure. They both follow basic internet standards and definitely fall under the ‘safe to enjoy’ category. adult cam sites‘.

We have to settle with a tie here.

LiveJasmin – 5/5

Streamate – 5/5

Variety – Which site has the hottest girls

I could not have counted the number of models on each of these sites offering me the best live porn to determine which website gives me the best variety. So I took the next logical path and compared the categories that each of these adult cam sites has to offer. And, Streamate wins hands down. It has around 25+ categories with around 50 cameras in each. And, that, notice, I quoted on the lower side. Crazy is an understatement.

Of course, I have to admit that not all cameras are free and I might have to shell out a few bucks to see the show, but hey why not! That said, LiveJasmin is not really lagging behind. It also boasts of around 15+ categories grouped together on the basis of price, fold, ethnicity, etc. However, because this is a “comparison”, I find Streamate slightly better than LiveJasmin.

LiveJasmin – 4/5

If you’re asking if Streamate or LiveJasmin cameras are better, it’s like asking if chocolate or vanilla is a better flavor of ice cream.

Streamate – 5/5

I think I have summed up a good number of points for you to judge which adult webcam site is better than the other. However, I would still remain undecided, and fortunately!

Rejoin and and let me know if you have a personal favorite or if you like me would like to sit on the fence. To dig a little deeper, read our LiveJasmin Reviews or Streaming Reviews and see what sets these two cam sites apart from the crowd. If you like reading about face-to-face comparison cam sites, also read our chaturbate vs cam4 article too.

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