Stay in touch with your surroundings while you play with these outdoor headphones


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TL; DR: Stay on top of the world around you as you listen to your tunes with the Mu6 Ring Outdoor Headphones, on sale for $ 54.99 – a savings of 26% – starting September 27.

When you’re going for a long solo bike ride or training for a marathon, it can get quite boring to be alone with your thoughts. Your first instinct is to bring your headphones and stream your favorite playlists or podcasts. But this certainly presents an obvious security risk. Getting lost in the music can compromise your awareness of cars, other pedestrians, barking dogs, opening car doors, etc.

The argument for wear headphones while cycling or running may be as old as the portable headphones themselves. But there seems to be a welcome solution that prioritizes safety while listening: headphones in the open air. And you can buy a pair for just $ 55 for a limited time.

The Mu6 Ring Open-Air earphones sit above your ears, rather than in or over them, allowing for full awareness of your surroundings. They feature 16mm dynamic drivers, wide dynamic range, rich bass, and a built-in microphone, similar to typical Bluetooth headphones. But they use free air conduction technology to transmit sound to your ears. They’ll last you up to 10 hours on a single charge, plenty of time for your marathon training or your century-old bike. And since they’re IPX55 splash-proof, they can handle your sweat. As an added bonus, leakage layer technology reduces natural sound leakage, delivering premium sound while keeping you connected to what’s going on. It’s like bone conduction technology meets typical Bluetooth headphones, only better.

Here’s a closer look:

The Mu6 Ring earphones even come with reflective bands to increase their level of safety. This way, if you are training or exercising at dusk or in the dark, you will always be visible to vehicles or other pedestrians. (Every rider should have them.) They also come with a waterproof carry bag when you’re not wearing them.

Regularly, these outdoor headphones cost $ 74, but for a limited time, you can pick up a pair for just $ 54.99.

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