Spirited Away’s faceless voice recording sessions were hilarious, says studio Ghibli

During the television show of Abducted as if by magic On January 7, Studio Ghibli answered a few questions from fans and provided behind-the-scenes information on the film, highlighting the Oscar-winning film which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary – despite being a director. Hayao miyazaki and producer Toshio Suzuki did not celebrate the birthday, preferring to “look to the future without looking to the past”.

A little information that the studio gave on the production of Abducted as if by magic was during the recording of No-Face, which is called Kaonashi in Japanese, which “was filled with continuous hysterical laughter.”


Kaonashi’s voice recording sessions were filled with continuous hysterical laughter.

“Please give me an even sadder ‘ah’. “

‘Ah …’

‘An even sadder’ ah. ‘

‘Ah ……’ “

There is just something inherently funny to think of Akio Nakamura (Japanese No-Face voice actor) in the recording booth doing “ah …” for hours as Miyazaki shouts at him to be sadder.

In some responses to fan questions, Ghibli Explain that it was difficult to capture the voice of the late Bunta Sugawara, who plays Kamaji in Abducted as if by magic, strictly speaking, because he speaks “so slowly and richly” that it was difficult to keep him on time with the lip flaps, when one of the most difficult lines to say came from Miyu Irino, who was unable to pronounce the real name of his character Haku, Nigihayami Kohakunushi.

Meanwhile, a fan raised that Yubaba is able to project energy balls reminiscent of a certain type of energy ball from a popular adaptation of Weekly Shonen Jump. In Ghibli’s response, they confirmed that Yubaba’s energy ball is “Dragon Ball style” and in the movie’s storyboards it even says “Dragon Ball style” to help the animators figure out what it is. Miyazaki intended. Miyazaki on the other hand explains that she is “an old lady who can fly” as an explanation of the Dragon Ball projectile. Maybe she’s a Saiyan?

Another fan asked the question many of us probably had after watching Abducted as if by magic, Does Chihiro meet Haku again after the film event? Ghibli responded with the explanation that the water dragon is the god of the river next to the old house of Chihiro, so “if she ever had to visit …” Obviously that means that yes, of course, they meet again , they must do it!

This is just a preview of the responses Studio Ghibli gave for the film, but more have been completed on the studio Twitter account. This Friday will see Porco Rosso aired on Japanese TV, with another question-and-answer session available.

Source: Studio Ghibli on Twitter

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