Speechmatics, ENCO’s partner on a new subtitling solution

CAMBRIDGE, UK and NOVI, Mi.—Speechmatics announced that ENCO has selected its Autonomous Speech Recognition (ASR) technology for ENCO’s new enCaption5 automated captioning and transcription solution.

This partnership will enable AV professionals, content producers and broadcasters to create highly accurate transcripts, adding closed or open captions to live and pre-recorded AV content, regardless of demographics, age , gender, accent, dialect or location of the speaker, the companies said.

“Speechmatics’ core technology is arguably the most accurate AI text-to-speech engine available,” said Ken Frommert, President of ENCO. “However, more than a fantastic technology, Speechmatics has also been a great partner. We have worked with them before on enCaption4 and they have been very responsive to our feedback, helping us move the enCaption platform forward to meet the unique needs of our markets and customers. We are excited to use their latest technology for enCaption5.

Speechmatics are global deep learning and speech recognition experts who work with solution and service providers to integrate into their stack, regardless of their industry or use case. Speechmatics’ technology is trained on massive amounts of unlabeled data without human intervention, providing a much more complete understanding of all voices and dramatically reducing both AI bias and speech recognition errors.

The fifth generation enCaption5 leverages Speechmatics technology in a cloud-native architecture – which can also be deployed in hybrid or on-premises workflows – and an intuitive user interface optimized for professional AV deployments, broadcast environments and AI applications conversational.

Additionally, enCaption5 offers features such as integration with external vocabulary sources; AV signal input and output; media indexing and searching; confidence score; and the ability to review and edit transcriptions – with manual enhancements automatically updating system word filters to improve future accuracy. enCaption5 also offers an open and advanced API for third-party developers, and is backed by world-class US-based support.

ENCO will leverage Speechmatics’ full suite of market-leading features for enCaption5. These include:

  • Coverage of 34 languages
  • Advanced punctuation
  • Custom dictionary (the ability to add context-specific words to the Speechmatics dictionary in real time) and
  • Entity formatting (consistent and more accurate interpretation of how entities such as numbers, currencies, and addresses should appear in written form)

For more information about ENCO and enCaption5, visit www.enco.com/encaption (opens in a new tab). For more information on Speechmatics, visit www.speechmatics.com (opens in a new tab).

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