SparkFun Releases Sweet Sounding Audio Bundle With Artemis Nano Speakers, Amp, And RedBoard

SparkFun has launched a quick-start kit for anyone looking to play with sound, offering a pair of thin speakers and an amplifier along with a RedBoard Artemis Nano development board – and all usable without any soldering.

“This week we have a brand new audio-based kit, the Qwiic Speaker Kit,” SparkFun’s Chris McCarty says of the launch. “This simple box of goodies gives you exactly what you need to get started with stereo audio through a simple Qwiic interface! Thanks to the Qwiic-compatible kit, no soldering is required either!”

The kit includes two slim 0.5W speakers, measuring 40mm in diameter and 4mm thick (about 1.57×0.16″) – similar, the company notes, to the type of speaker found in sound-reading greeting cards – plus a compatible amplifier, power supply and tip-ring-sleeve (TRS) audio cable.

SparkFun has launched a Redboard Artemis Nano quick-start kit for audio work, including its Qwiic speaker amp. (📹: SparkFun)

The kit is however not designed to be simply connected to a phone or other audio source: it comes with the RedBoard Artemis Nano, a compact development board with 48/96 MHz processor, 384 KB of static RAM (SRAM ), 1MB of flash memory storage, Bluetooth connectivity and a number of general purpose input/output (GPIO) pins – plus, easily, a built-in MEMS microphone.

The RedBoard Artemis Nano, programmable in the Arduino IDE, features a single Qwiic connector with appropriate wiring for connection to the amplifier – putting features such as volume control, dynamic range compression and automatic frequency control gain under user control via I2C bus. Finally, a USB cable provides connectivity to a desktop or laptop computer for programming.

The package is now available on the SparkFun Store for $39.95 before volume pricing; additional information on using the amplifier board, including sample code for I2C control, is available in the room connection guide.

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