Sony C-80 unidirectional studio condenser microphone


The Sony C-80 unidirectional studio condenser microphone was designed to deliver professional quality vocal recordings with a powerful and rich midrange. The pickup’s dual capsule design is meant to help reduce proximity effect and provide a consistent response.

Main characteristics

  • Powerful vocals with rich mids
  • Double diaphragm capsule
  • One-way polar plot
  • Handles up to 138 dB SPL
  • Frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • 125.5 dB dynamic range
  • Very low self-noise
  • XLR output, requires 48V phantom power
  • Includes shock mount

The two-piece metal construction is based on the C-800G and C-100 models and prevents acoustic vibrations, helping to keep inherent noise and unwanted sonic artifacts out of your recordings.

The large-diaphragm condenser element gives true frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz, with a dynamic range of over 125.5dB. The C-80 capsule offers a -10dB pad and can handle SPLs up to 138dB. Additionally, the cardioid polar pattern focuses audio pickup on the area around the mic, reducing unwanted sounds from behind and from the sides.

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A high-pass filter is also onboard to help reduce low-end rumble and other unwanted low frequencies, while shockmount is included to isolate the mic from vibration and handling noise. A carrying case is also provided for storage and transportation.

Price and availability

Sony’s C-80 unidirectional studio condenser microphone is now available for pre-order for $499.99.

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