Snoop Dogg performs on the 80th birthday of his criminal defense lawyer

Snoop dogg performed in front of an intimate crowd to celebrate the 80th birthday of its defense lawyer, David Kenner.

The “Doggfather” himself appeared alongside music legend Scott Storch to rock the crowd at the chic shindig. A video of the performance was shared by Storch on Instagram and included him playing the keyboard while Snoop rapped into the microphone.

Normally it would cost you an arm and a leg to get these two hugely famous hip-hop legends to perform at your birthday party, but Kenner is a connected guy! So … who is David kenner you ask?

Snoop Dogg celebrates birthday of man who helped clear murder charges


Well, the defense attorney walked Snoop Dogg through one of the most important moments of his life. In 1996, Snoop was arrested and charged with the murder of a gang member after his bodyguard shot and killed the man. At the time, Snoop was 24 and David kenner was his senior criminal defense attorney. Kenner represented Death Row Records, Suge Knight, Tupac Shakur, and of course… Scott Storch. At the time, Storch was a young producer working with Dr. Dre on the hottest beats of Hip Hop.

Ultimately, a jury acquitted the rapper for the crime, and Snoop spoke to the media after the monumental decision. “I prayed to God for this,” adding, “For the past few months I’ve been trying to figure out if I would be able to raise my son, you know what I’m saying? “

Kenner addressed the media after the verdict, saying: “What happened today was a fair and appropriate outcome, we look forward to the verdict on the remaining charges… and we are very optimistic that they will be resolved. “

The lawyer, who turned 80 this week, celebrated his birthday at a chic restaurant in Los Angeles. It’s unclear if Kenner asked Snoop and Storch a favor to perform at the party – or if the dynamic duo simply decided to take the reins after arriving at the event. Either way, it has become an impressive performance with Scott on the keyboard and Snoop rapping on the beats.

See the mind-blowing performance!

“Me and [Snoop Dogg] had to come and close it for our dear friend the legend David Kenner on his 80th birthday ”, Storch posted on IG. The producer included a video of them playing from inside the party. Earlier today, Snoop wished his lawyer and friend a happy birthday, saying, “Happy 80th. To the great David K. You represent the world to me,” alongside a photo of them leaving the palace. of justice in 1996.

Obviously, fans were thrilled to see the impromptu performance… flooding Instagram to comment on the scene. “Two legends,” wrote one person. Another added: “Heavy hitters.”

Snoop Dogg: 1… 2… 3… And to the four!

Snoop Dogg performs at criminal defense attorney's 80th birthday party

Ultimately, this is the kind of party you definitely want to be invited to – unless you have six figures to book yourself a private performance from the King of Hip-Hop.

Happy birthday!

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