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Let’s talk about SlutRoulette, a silly landing page that redirects people to We might as well just go out and say it, it’s not what it seems.

So here’s the truth, these good people are actually counting on you to be a little slow or dumb. Just take a look below at the screenshot of and the page that it brings to you as well.

Take a good look, guys!

Then go down to the next image. You will notice that they are the same and this is just a copy of another site and not the original.

Meaning, sure, it makes no sense to join the affiliate version on the real site called Streamate.

screenshot of slutroulettelive homepage

Likewise, I also took a screenshot of the original highlighted platform called streamate.

streamate screenshot (real site slutroullete cameras use)
streamate screenshot which is the source site used by slut roulette cameras.


Slutty roulette is nothing original and models are actually just models sent via API to a smart script.

A few years ago was famous, they were doing murder by redirecting people to their own white label version of streamate.

Always great with this trick, and it’s surely totally safe to use their white label but it’s a white label and it’s not the real thing! So with trepidation I am making slutty roulette reviews when we both have the feature we’re talking about that doesn’t belong on this site. That’s okay because it’s all about educating people on the different adult cam sites here at AWR Reviews – Is It SORTA Legitimate But NOT REALLY ?!

Slut roulette is first of all often misspelled like slut rullette, slut rulet, slut roolet, but the correct spelling is slutroulette and it is a word. An obvious game on ChatRoulette with the X factor added, here are the features, pricing and safety information for This website can be found at

Is Slut Roulette Really Free?
Slut roulette is by no means free. This is the truth of how it works

Like Streamate, no! It drains well inadvertently. You see the little fly trap come is basically a method of redirecting people to a white label version which is operated by a company called CrakRevenue.

A silly name yes, but they’re a smart bunch of guys and a top-notch company that puts user experience front and center and as a result has built a small empire around adult cameras.

In fact, they are teaming up with Mtree, the partner company that operates the adult cam sites, but CrakRevenue in many cases creates better and more engaging experiments using the same models / sites. At least that’s the case with Slut Roulette. If there is something I don’t like, it’s just the difficulty level in spelling this adult cam site name.

All jokes aside, slut roulette is every guy’s fantasy come to life, but it’s not really clear to end users that you’re actually paying unnecessary third party bills. Too tired for the club, just need to have a little fun during lunch break, slut roulette can meet the need more some but I still say go to the real source of these webcams and it is


  • For those clowns who are always looking for free live sex cams, this is definitely not one of those sites. The reality of sites just doesn’t exist and it doesn’t take a mathematician or a scientist to tell you why. Hot black girls are not going to strip and masturbate for you on webcam when they can do the exact same and make some money from Bookoo.
  • So I’m not going to talk about the cost of the slutty roulette that is going to have a crappy joke instead, I’m going to remind you of the real cost of the real platform that we are referring to. So the last few times we visited this cam site we ended up paying around $ 3.50 a minute.

Now I realize something, cam girls are independent and by law cam sites have to act as middlemen which means they have to let that webcam model choose their own rates.

There are maximum and minimum rate adult webcam shows on most platforms, but there are many variations and different strategies that models use. Lots of popular cam girls charge over $ 5 a minute, but there are around 1,200 models on average anytime a day, so unless you’re trying to shell out a large sum of money the best bet is browse the sections of the new cam girls I watch for the most reasonable rates; they are always going to be tons of choices.

  • However, overall the prices are really reasonable considering its live webcams. If you opt for a private chat, the prices for each girl are shown in bold. You have to accept and press enter to accept which avoids any surprises.

Truth be told, you have to be half blind or partly incompetent to not realize that you are accepting a private show.

  • These private one-on-one chats cost anywhere from $ 1 to $ 5 per minute, which really isn’t much considering how much you’d spend on dinner. All models must go through a thorough age verification process before Slut Roulette will allow them to stream. review review


This site has literally hundreds of thousands of customers and a trusting relationship with Streamate to boot, which means your only problem might be a casual model not too excited about a show. Nights off for a few girls every now and then are to be expected anywhere and all it takes is one click to find the next hot girl to watch on cam.

slutroulette reviews
Slutroulette is not an actual or original video chat site.

When it comes to features, here’s what stands out about Slut Roulette:

So every time you land on this site, this is what you’re going to see, and the left corner goes into the box with a green screen button that prompts you to join. You will also see a blue button and a green button at the top of the page. Take a Blue Button nap. SlutRoulettelive. This is of course the dead gift we were talking about above.

Likewise, you can see all the navigation is the same as the actual underline platform that’s copying, and then I’m copying it right there basically redirecting you which is pretty funny and then pretending it loses of the original.

HA! What joke.

Either way, let’s talk about the features even though it’s really hard to determine if you’re talking about the features of the actual site they’re going to direct you to or the silly landing page you originally landed on. All of the buttons on this site are essentially going to take you to the exact same place.

All they do is push live model feeds through the API and make the site look unique.

The whole concept of spinning the wheel is stupid and not how it works. So let’s go ahead; once you register and join again via here are some of the actual useful functions of this xxx cam site.

  1. Browse by hair color, hair or no hair, age, crease or country… or let it play roulette! They have couples, fetish shows and everything in between. From hair color to physical characteristics, streamate has something for everyone.
  2. Things like favorites are always possible and easy to manage and yet the surprise factor keeps things fresh and exciting.


Slut Roulette is a very safe site from the point of view of the company that operates the site. Billing is honest and straightforward and will be discreetly shown on your statement. You really have nothing to worry about, but stay respectful and treat cam girls well and you will always have better experiences.

We’re still fans of because it’s been a nifty way to retain users for years, but we’re going to be honest with you because that’s what we’re doing here.

CLEARLY IT’S RIGHT and I always suggest going straight to a white label or cloned back end version of the same. Look at the same organization behind this marketing ploy is also behind Jerkmate the new trick to get people to sign up under their latest streamate clone. They also used to have LiveFreeFun and ExposedWebcams, which we’ve both written about.

slut roulette review
Any honest slut roulette reviewer will tell you that it is a gimmick and not real.

It makes no sense to spin around a quirky site that just spins you through models when the real root platform they refer to has even better navigation than that site. However, it is safe and will once again bring you back to the source of one of the most popular or native cam girl chat platforms. Also be aware that the final referral site is the same platform rated above, so take our word for it and if you want to try out the real underlying platform, sign up via

visit the site

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