Siri shortcut asking permission to “Allow sharing data with (null)”

Available on almost all Apple devices, Siri is an integral part of the Apple ecosystem. Introduced in 2011, the virtual assistant uses voice recognition in conjunction with machine learning.

Over the past few years, Apple has integrated Siri into several hardware products such as the iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV, and even the Apple Watch.

However, over the past few weeks, users have reported several issues with Siri, such as some unable to add or edit notes in the Notes app or Siri on HomePod not working on iOS 15.

It turns out that another problem with Apple’s assistant has appeared. Users who have updated to iPadOS 15 and watchOS 8 say (1,2,3) that they get an “Allow to share data with (null)” message every time they use Siri Shortcuts.

Many say they are annoyed by the permission notification that pops up every once in a while and makes it unnecessary to use shortcuts.

Users reported trying to rebuild the shortcuts and restarting their devices, but it made no difference. Apparently the shortcuts don’t store the permission and ask each time they are run.


I have the same issue for my garage door shortcuts, but only on my watch (since upgrading to WatchOS 8). I haven’t tried running the shortcut from MacOS, but I guess it’s the same problem. Did your problem also occur after an upgrade? I hope I add useful information for experts to consider. Sorry, if I’m muddying the waters.

I have an issue with iOS 15 and Apple Watch 8. I use a number of siri shortcuts, including those for my lighting with iConnectHue and also for my sliding gate with eWelink. These shortcuts worked perfectly on my iPhone and watch app until the software update. Right now they still work great on the iPhone, but when I give the same instructions to Siri on the Apple Watch, I get a number of requests. The text reads “Allow “Close the door” to share data with (null)?”

They went on to say,

I have to say allow twice in a row and then I have to press the screen button again for the portal to open. The authorization is also not stored, so I have to repeat this every time. It seems to me that this is most likely a bug, but I’m wondering if anyone has the same experience or even better a solution.

Luckily, we came across a workaround that helps some fix the “Allow data sharing with (null)” Siri Shortcuts issue and involves creating a new Shortcut that runs the original Shortcut.


We hope that Apple takes a look at the annoying popup and fixes it in a future version of iPadOS and watchOS. As always, we’ll update this space when they fix it, so be sure to keep checking this space.

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