Sensory speech recognition for kids could transform apps, wearable devices, and educational technologies


Sensory has released a custom speech recognition model designed to understand the unique language patterns of children’s speech. The model also supports Sensory’s other phrase detection and speech recognition technology.

As a result, developers of apps, children’s toys, children’s clothing and educational technology can implement voice control technology with a high level of precision and privacy using Sensory’s artificial intelligence and the voice recognition technology based on user experience.

Developers can access both children’s speech and Sensory’s general speech models through the company’s Voice Hub developer portal.

Traditionally, there has been a lack of data for child-specific speech patterns, which differ from those of adults. “Sensory is one of the most talented technologists in the speech industry. We challenged the team to create a private and accurate recognition tool for children’s speech and they stuck it out. This opens up fun new, voice-activated products for kids of all ages, ”says Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory.

The new technology showed a 33% reduction in word error rate compared to an adult speech recognition model, according to Sensory, and has been incorporated into integrated circuits (ICs) manufactured by Generalplus Technology, a developer of consumer electronics and voice-activated toys.

“Sensory’s newborn speech recognition has already been incorporated into several of our integrated circuits and we are seeing a great deal of interest from our customers,” said Jacky Chen, Marketing Director at Generalplus.

This year, Sensory was chosen to deliver cutting-edge speech recognition in the public beta of Zoom Rooms for Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows using the company’s TrulyNatural technology.

Apple’s Siri is also receiving global watchwords from Sensory, using TrulyHandsFree for developers to incorporate Hey Siri models into voice-activated prototypes and finished products, the company said in June.

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