See Audio Reveals Collaboration with Community All-Star: See Audio X Crinacle Yume: Midnight Revealed

See Audio has released on one of our favorite headphones of the year with the See Audio Yume. It’s been nearly ten months since that release, but the company is returning to Yume again, this time with help from community star Crinacle of In-Ear Fidelity. The IEM has been readjusted and upgraded to be “more resolved, better extended, with wider sound, [and] more dynamic. ”In other words, the Midnight makes the Yume better than ever and will be sold exclusively through HiFiGo.

When we reviewed the Yume, we were impressed with its sound quality at its $ 169 price point. Its tuning followed the Harman Target, a sound profile based on mainstream listeners, so it’s perhaps no surprise that listeners accepted and made the Yume a popular and fairly high profile choice around its release. The reviews he received were largely based on his bass and technical performance.

This is where Crinacle comes in. Crinacle is as close to a celebrity as the headphone community, leveraging the largest database of headphone and headphone measurements in existence today. Crinacle has a habit of doing nothing, which has made it one of the most trusted sources on the internet for earphone impressions. As a result of this, it has grown into one of the most trusted audio reviewers in the industry today, and its website a key resource for listeners and brands. His community support is also evident through his return to YouTube in August of this year, where he quickly grew from several thousand subscribers to 109,000 at the time of writing.

With the Yume: Midnight, Crinacle set out to create a “Technical Yume,” a version of the earpiece that responded head-on to community feedback. The team at HiFiGo, the exclusive retailer of See Audio Yume: Midnight, shared the following in their blog post.

The Yume: Midnight comes with huge improvements in the low and high frequency regions […]

The biggest challenge in implementing Crinacle’s new tuning was to improve the extension of the UHF (Ultra-High Frequency) while maintaining the original Yume configuration, all without deviating too much from the tuning. Original Harman Target. Doing this with a blank check was easy, but doing it all within the confines of the Yume’s 2 + 1 pilot setup would require an engineering miracle.

With total dedication and countless experimentation, See Audio has done this successfully by virtually revising the Yume from scratch; improve the design of the Yume’s cavity, change the eartip and electronic crossover filters, and adjust the layout of the speakers and acoustic tubes inside the cavity. All to achieve the desired results without increasing the number of pilots. “

The post goes on to explain:

Besides the tuning, the Midnight also aims to remedy the most glaring flaw of the original Yume: its lack of ‘technical performance’. The Midnight began development with the goal of a ‘technical Yume’, and on that front , it met and even exceeded expectations. The Midnight is indeed a more purposeful, better-spreading, wider-sounding and more dynamic Yume. An upgrade in the truest sense of the word.

See Audio has also improved the accessories with the Yume: Midnight

“Instead of three pairs of regular ear tips, the Midnight will be packaged with five different sizes of silicone ear tips, ensuring a comfortable music experience for hearing canals of all sizes. The original cable and 2-way plug pins have also been improved, with the Midnight now sporting an OCC 5N silver-plated copper cable that has undergone strict tensile tests and has good flexibility. “

For fans of frequency response graphics, here’s how the Yume: Midnight measures against the original Yume:

In our final verdict, we gave the original Yume a rating of 8.5 out of 10, a rating we consider excellent. These improvements are aimed directly at the reviews that we and other members of the community have come up with, so it will be interesting to see how well the See Audio and Crinacle team have been able to resolve them. We hope to do so in a future review as units become available.

The Yume: Midnight will retail for $ 199 and is available for pre-order now. Pre-orders are expected to start shipping on January 15.

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