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It’s become common for many of us to manage business meetings and training courses remotely, making audio recording crucial, so important things don’t get lost in the mess. Unfortunately, the ensuing transcription process can be tedious and time-consuming unless you have the right tools.

Voicetapp Speech-to-Text Transcription app is designed to turn speech into text with a wide range of accuracy. It works with over 170 languages ​​and dialects, offers speaker identification, and uses automatic speech recognition to reduce editing.

For a limited time, lifetime access to Voicetapp is only $59 (regular price $599), meeting international needs. According to a store review by verified user and CEO Josef W., “The live transcription is just amazing; I can take notes and focus on the speaker at the same time.”

Whether you need to go into detail during a lecture, a client call, or a classroom session, Voicetapp gives you cloud-based transcriptions that create easy-to-share files in a variety of formats, with download options such as MP3, OOG, MP4, or WAV.

Cross-browser-ready and powered by the latest ASR technology from Google and Amazon, this real-time transcription tool lets you focus on content as it happens and then get back to it. content for detailed scope at any time.

Transcription tools identify up to five unique speakers per recording and allow multiple input methods, such as MP3, OGG, WAV, WEBM, MP4, and FLAC.

Voicetapp Speech to Text transcription is designed to reduce note-taking and allow long-term storage of the most important audio files. Get your lifetime membership for just $59 (reg. $599).

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