Save $114 on this Bluetooth turntable

There’s nothing better than putting your favorite record on the turntable, turning up the volume and relaxing in your comfiest chair. The only downside is that it’s hard to get your hands on a good turntable these days.

If you have a collection of vinyl records but struggle to get a high quality turntable, this might be for you. The mbeat PT-18K Bluetooth Vinyl Player, now on sale for $249, is the stylish, 21st century way to play your favorite vinyl records without sacrificing sound quality.

Featuring a full-size 295mm alloy platter for even stability and rotation, this Bluetooth vinyl player will give you an authentic listening experience without the vibrations and disturbances you get with a traditional turntable.

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Not only that, but there’s also a cool moving magnetic cartridge for precise tracking and much cleaner sound. It also includes an adjustable tonearm, with the right adjustments made to counterweight and anti-skating force. This allows the needle to run freely without distortion at any position on the record.

With the handy PC record function, you can play and record vinyl directly to your PC to digitize your collection, or better yet, take it with you on your laptop, phone or tablet. The Bluetooth transmitter will allow you to listen to your recordings on Bluetooth-enabled wireless speakers or headphones.

If you are still on the fence about the mbeat PT-18K Bluetooth Vinyl Player, so far there are a lot of satisfied customers. Another buyer left this review 5 stars reading: “Great value! I was looking for a good quality turntable at a reasonable price and I finally found it! Thank you!”

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Find out in this video!

If you’re ready to make the purchase, don’t wait to grab the mbeat PT-18K Bluetooth Vinyl Player on sale now for just $249. That’s a savings of $114 off the regular price of $363.

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