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East London studio Rich Mix is ​​looking for music and sounds from Bangladesh for a special event celebrating the country’s independence.

As part of “Bangladesh 50”, Rich Mix’s celebration of 50 years of Bangladesh’s independence, the organization is hosting a musical evening featuring an exclusive mix of Bengali sounds by DJ SAMIA.

Village Gathering a night of music, will take place on Friday December 10 from 7:00 p.m. at the Rich Mix studio, East London.

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Hosted by Maryam Abdullah, Music Night features appearances by Propa Rezwana Anwar and Shakila K.

Rich Mix is ​​looking for people to upload their favorite Bengali tunes and audio recordings of songs sung and transmitted. They want songs that remind people of their childhood, their family members, or that are intrinsic to their identity.

Talk to Mixmag, SAMIA said, “You can send your favorite Bangla songs or even music from Bangladeshi producers. However, this is not limited to Bangla protest music, it can be uplifting and joyful music from the Diaspora and beyond.

“Personally, I would encourage Asian underground music from past and present that moves you and makes you want to dance.”

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She said performing an event of such social and historical value is “one of the greatest honors of my DJ career and my life to date.”

SAMIA says, “Playing music for my community, sent to me from the community and beyond, is a dream situation. It certainly helps me to develop my learning and knowledge of Bangladeshi music which I had never heard before.

“[I am excited to] bringing my parents and family to an event so they can see me DJing, which finally allows them to identify with the environment, the people and the music.

“We need to normalize those spaces and events in the mainstream that promote / encourage DJs and non-drinking crowds. “

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Talk to Mixmag, Martha Rumney, Producer, Rich Mix and Maryam Abdullah, Event Curator said, “We want to bring people together in a space, standing, dancing and singing.

“The events that come later in the festival are all about conversation and reflection, so for the opening we wanted something that feels utterly joyful, representative of the festive nature of Bangladesh’s birthday. want people to have a good evening! “.

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Rich Mix is ​​an east London-based charity that seeks to connect some of the region’s most diverse communities through cultural events and programs.

Song and audio sample submissions are open until November 22.

For more information on how to submit your tracks and recordings or purchase tickets for the event, visit the event page on the Rich Mix website here.

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