Record new audio with the Jlab Talk USB mic on sale for $ 60 today

A good microphone and great sound in general are essential for content creation. Whether you’re trying to be the next YouTube star or want to stream games live on Twitch or whatever, don’t overlook the need for solid sound. The JLab Audio Talk USB condenser microphone is a solid choice, and you can currently get it for just $ 59.99 through Best Buy. It is a great price and one of the best we have ever seen. It went down around $ 10 during Black Friday, but it was easy to miss this deal if you weren’t looking for it. Outside of the holiday shopping weekend, today’s pricing is the best we’ve ever seen for a mic that can often sell for up to $ 100. It’s even $ 20 better than Amazon’s current price, but the Best Buy sale is one of the deals of the day and won’t last long.

The Jlab Talk is right in the middle of the Jlab Audio range of USB microphones. You can also save on other members of this group today. The Jlab Talk Go, for example, is on sale for $ 27.74 through Amazon. This mic normally sells for around $ 50, although it has hovered mostly around $ 40 in recent months. This drop is the smallest ever on Amazon. You can also upgrade to JLab Talk Pro, which costs $ 81.09 on Amazon. This mic’s selling price is around $ 120, and today’s deal is about $ 6 off its lowest price on record.

Micro USB Jlab Talk | $ 40 off

The mid-range microphone from the Jlab Talk series that offers an excellent balance between cost and performance. Get professional-quality sound with the four directional pattern modes you can choose from, gain adjustment, volume control and many other features that help you achieve the perfect sound.

$ 59.99 at Best Buy

If you haven’t heard of the Jlab Talk series, these are high performance mics designed to sit on your desk and deliver studio quality sound. With the Jlab Talk, you get a recording sample rate of 96 kHz and a bit depth of 24 bits. This is ideal for recording your voice, instruments, random sounds or the like.

The mic has four directional patterns for you to choose from including cardioid, omnidirectional, stereo, and bidirectional. The pattern you choose will determine how your mic picks up the sound it hears. This can be important depending on what you are doing. Cardioid is one of the most popular models for content creators because it is designed to pick up noise coming from the front of the mic while ignoring the audio coming from the rear. If you want to talk without the microphone picking up sounds from your keyboard or mouse, this is a good way to do it.

Other features include gain adjustment, volume control, 3.5mm auxiliary input so you can monitor your audio without latency, and more. It’s also plug-and-play so you can get down to business without the need for drivers or software.

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