Radial Engineering Power-1 and Power-2 Surge Suppressor – Music Connection Magazine

The purpose of an AC power strip equipped with MOVs or Metal Oxide Varistors is to provide instantaneous and automatic protection against intense and damaging power surge spikes entering the power line.

Ceramic MOVs act as a “sacrificial” shunt across the AC line and either short out, blow the unit’s fuse, or in the worst cases such as a lightning strike or power line failure, evaporate and become an open circuit! MOVs protect in microseconds while fuses or circuit breakers operate much slower with catastrophic damage already done.

Both the Power-1 and Power-2 offer superior surge protection against USA-made MOVs. A green Fault Protection LED means the protection is active and if this LED goes out you should unplug the strip immediately as an overvoltage has been detected.

The Radial Engineering Power-1 and 2 also have high rejection interference filters to keep radio frequency energy such as AM broadcast or CB/Ham radio signals out of the incoming AC power line. This noise manifests as an intermittent buzz and/or mysterious “chopping” that is audible in your audio.

Both units offer handy “always on” utility front outlets – the Power-2 has a single outlet while the Power-1 has three. Both models have eight rear outlets to plug in all your gear. These outlets are heavy-duty 3-terminal grounded AC outlets; four of them spaced far enough apart to accommodate wall power supplies.

Power-2 also features a cool sliding tray with selectable color LEDs and dimming control. This tray slides out from the center of the unit and will illuminate the entire rack below; it makes a nice shelf for my iPhone with only a short cable needed to reach the built in USB charging port! Impressive!

The Radial Power-1 retails for $109.99 and the Power-2 retails for $199 MSRP.


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