Qualcomm introduces new wireless audio features and smarter 5G modem

Qualcomm is using Mobile World Congress to showcase new technology that should improve 5G connectivity and wireless audio. These new capabilities – and the chips that make them possible – are expected to land in the next generation of high-end Android headphones and phones from the second half of this year.

The Snapdragon X70 5G modem-RF system attempts to improve your phone’s 5G connection using an AI processor. This helps it maximize the 5G signal for better coverage – especially important for mmWave signals which are short range compared to the wider coverage of low and mid frequencies. Qualcomm says this improvement is limited to situations like stadiums and city blocks, and doesn’t address one of mmWave’s main weaknesses: the signal’s inability to travel from outside to inside. inside. But where there is no mmWave signal, the new AI processor should also increase coverage and speeds below 6 GHz.

The new audio features, built into a platform called Snapdragon Sound, include a feature unveiled last year: support for wireless headphones for 16-bit “CD-quality” lossless audio via Bluetooth. There’s also a game mode with 68ms latency, which is 25% less than Qualcomm’s current technology. Another addition is the ability to record in stereo through a pair of headphones. The company’s latest adaptive active noise cancellation technology is also included.

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