Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli Wins Guinness World Record With ‘Secret Sounds of Sacred Sanskrit’ for Longest Song

Guinness World Record Album with Prana Kishore, wife Rathi Kishore, Bella, Axon

Secret Sounds of Sacred Sanskrit 26 Volumes Song will take 5 days to listen. It’s available on Spotify, Amazon, I Heart Radio, wherever music is sold worldwide

It is my dream that one day I can compose beautiful melodies for legends Dolly Parton or Taylor Swift about universal love and peace in Sanskrit language”

— Prana Kishore

NASHVILLE, TENNESSE, U.S., Aug. 26, 2022 / — Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli (Prana Kishore) is an American Indian based in Nashville, Tennessee, United States, who attained the Guinness World Record for his album sanskrit “Secret Sounds of Sacred Sanskrit” lasting 108 hours:54 minutes:29 seconds (5 days) “Secret Sounds of Sacred Sanskrit” is a 26-volume song with each 2-track volume released worldwide on August 25, 2021. Guinness has it approved now. It is his personal achievement and devotion to his blind teacher, blind students and parents. Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli was teaching blind students to sing and play the tabla, when a blind student asked “Is it possible to see the sounds in my mind and feel the sounds around me to be happy”. This led him to research the sounds of nature and how to use them for the blind to see and feel the sounds to experience happiness. This album was created with the secret sounds of sacred Sanskrit and nature sounds like rain, wind, birds, temple bells and many more. The human body is 70% water like the universe is 70% water. Body and mind must be in tune with nature for happiness. Prana Kishore says “Life is made of sounds and if we control these sounds we can control our life and lead it to success”

This album is his journey that helps you discover the 6 sounds of life, the sound of disturbance, the sound of stress, the sound of fear, the sound of silence, the sound of happiness and the sound of success. Sanskrit has 54 alphabets and each alphabet has 2 masculine, feminine energies, which makes it 108 lucky numbers. The Sanskrit word has built healing sounds based on time. Prana Kishore adds “The time that controls our life has 108 feelings, of which 36 relate to the past, 36 to the present and 36 to the future” Secret Sounds of Healing Mantras, Miracle Chants will control these sounds allowing you to succeed. Prana Kishore as a follower of second chances says “we can reset our lives and start over by resetting our minds listening to this 108 hour album and the rest you can dance or casually listen to because there is no end , it’s always a new beginning with new sounds, until we eradicate blindness from the world” Prana Kishore composed and sang the songs, including the multi-voiced chorus and recorded the sounds of the song himself. nature. This is a high quality HD surround sound recording with crystal clear Sanskrit pronunciations that non-Sanskrit listeners will appreciate. The general genre is world music. It is advisable to listen with headphones to feel the vibrations of the sound and the melody

Prana Kishore Singer, Songwriter, Music Composer, Music Producer had so far released over 90 albums through Prana Kishore Records worldwide wherever music is sold online. He was asked “Did you do this song for Guinness?” He replied “No, I made this song based on requests from many of my listeners who wanted a long song to release stress, deepen meditation and experience joy, and once I made it , I thought why not send it to Guinness”
Prana Kishore fans love her music for its mood swing, catchy music, melody and choice of instruments. He is married to his college sweetheart Rathi Kishore, blessed with 2 daughters and two Miniature Poodles Bella and Axon who love the melody of Sanskrit music.

Listen and learn Sanskrit in 5 easy steps at and join him in his upcoming projects Sanskrit Music for Dogs and Cats and 24/7 Sanskrit Radio Station “Prana Healing Music” Broadcast directly to hospitals and elderly care anywhere in the world for FREE

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