Plug-ins for metal guitarists


Plug-ins for metal guitarists

Line 6 launches the Metallurgy collection – Modern, Thrash & Doom 03/21/22

Line 6 took out the Metallurgy collection of amp and effect plugins that they claim are created specifically for guitarists who want quick and easy access to contemporary versions of classic and modern metal sounds, as well as creating their own original sounds. The collection includes the Modern, Discussand Loss plugins, which are also available individually. Here are the live details of Line 6…

All three Metallurgy Collection plugins feature amplifier and effect models from the award-winning HX® product family, ensuring exceptional sound quality and dynamic responsiveness. Each of the plugins includes four types of amplifiers that can be associated with any of the eight speakers. Two microphones can be selected from a virtual “mic locker” containing eight microphone types, and these can be combined with a stereo mic array. Up to two third-party impulse responses (IR) can replace the factory pickups. All microphones can be positioned in different ways and a 4-band parametric EQ lets you sculpt the sound of the speaker even further. Four pre-amp effects and three post-amp effects are also provided, including polyphonic pitch-shifting, as well as a noise gate and chromatic tuner.

Amp, cab, and effects rigs appear much as they would in the analog world thanks to the plugins’ photorealistic user interfaces, making it fun and easy to tweak presets to suit your stylistic needs or assemble new platforms of your choice.
As well as being used as VST3, AU or AAX plugins in any DAW, Modern, Thrash and Doom plugins also work as standalone applications, making the Metallurgy Collection one of the most popular sound creation tools. all-rounders available.

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