PhaseTech® Premier Lux Audiophile Speakers Debut at CEDIA Expo

Bookshelf speakers and all dARTS products are made in the USA

Lenexa, Kan. – September 21, 2022 – The culmination of over 65 years of engineering experience brings the release of the pinnacle of the Phase Technology line, the debut of audiophile-grade Premier Lux loudspeakers. The Premier Lux 150 shelf model will be unveiled at CEDIA Expo in Dallas, TX from September 29 through October 1.

PhaseTech Premier Lux 150 bookshelf speaker in glossy driftwood

The ultra-luxury bookshelf enclosure features a distinctive aesthetic and offers three contemporary finishes. Classic Black is a lightly textured, automotive-grade matte finish that gives Premier Lux the modern look to go along with its great sound. Premier Lux models are also available in high gloss pewter and driftwood. The speakers, crossover and enclosures are all handcrafted in our vertically integrated factory in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Premier Lux 150 is a two-way bookshelf loudspeaker featuring a patented 6.5-inch Kevlar tri-laminate RPF® Fiberglass flat piston woofer with a high performance 28mm soft dome tweeter. The patented soft dome tweeter reproduces silky, defined high frequencies allowing a transition to a frequency where the midrange still has a wide, even dispersion. The flat, flat surface of the woofer also dramatically increases vertical and horizontal dispersion patterns, allowing for greater placement flexibility and a surprisingly large sweet spot.

PhaseTech Premier Lux 150 Bookshelf Speaker in Classic Black
PhaseTech Premier Lux 150 Bookshelf Speaker in Textured Classic Black

Designed to create powerful, accurate sound in both stereo and home theater setups, the Premier Lux 150 features Absolute Phase™ filters to disperse sound across a wider listening area and ensure that all speakers in a multi-channel system are phased to blend seamlessly.

“The high performance and incredibly accurate, non-fatiguing sound reproduction combined with the modern finishes of the Premier Lux 150 offer integrators a new standard in sound and aesthetics,” said Ken Hecht, vice president of Phase Technology. “Combined with a center channel, surround sound and our new Power Lux subwoofers, it creates exceptional cinema sound.”

The Premier Lux 150 can easily be configured into your theater audio design using MSE Audio Theater Sound Designer.

Visit the MSE Audio team at booth 31109 (near Sound Room 3) to view and learn more about Premier Lux speakers and Power Lux subwoofers. Check out the new Mighty Mite and Designer Sleeve pendants from SoundTube as well as stealth products from SolidDrive. We’ll also show a preview of Rockustics’ new Monument Series.

PhaseTech Premier Lux 150 Bookshelf Speaker in Gloss Pewter
PhaseTech Premier Lux 150 Bookshelf Speaker in Gloss Pewter

Check out the new dARTS 5000 Series and DCB410-SUB speakers at CEDIA Expo at Sound room 3 which will include an 18-channel dARTS digital audio reference cinema system.


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MSE Audio’s mission is to provide its global dealers, integrators and end users with exceptional sound quality in a diverse product catalog with healthy margins always offering technical and system support, while providing a world class level of customer service. and strong guarantees.

Based in Lenexa, Kansas, MSE Audio is the parent company of seven loudspeaker manufacturing brands: SoundTube Entertainment, Soundsphere, dARTS, Phase Technology, Induction Dynamics, SolidDrive and Rockustics. With multiple design and manufacturing centers in the USA in the residential and commercial markets, MSE Audio’s synergistic, cross-platform design and engineering ensures exceptional durability, superior sonic performance and refined aesthetics.

MSE Audio is one of the few vertically integrated loudspeaker manufacturers in the United States with many products manufactured in our facilities in Lenexa, Kansas and Jacksonville, Florida. MSE Audio holds over 70 patents that illustrate their dedication to audio technology innovation.

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