Overwatch 2 Records Voice Chats to Stop Abuse

Blizzard will start listening to voice chat conversations in an effort to limit abuse in Overwatch 2. This comes after many complained that the community has become more toxic since the release of the sequel, citing the fact that it is now free. as a possible cause.

This change was introduced in the latest update, with players now being told that their team’s voice chat may be recorded to “investigate and verify reports of abusive behavior”. It may also be part of a plan to prevent players from being falsely reported en masse, with Blizzard now able to verify what was actually said in chat, rather than relying on other users to tell it. ‘explain.

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The voice chat recording implementation came with the November 17 update and is further explained in the patch notes. So far, this will only affect those playing on PC, and in certain regions.

Under Overwatch’s “Defence Matrix” moderation system, voice chat can now be transcribed if a player is reported.

“Players will now see a notification when they first enter voice chat during a game session indicating that voice chat can be recorded. Be sure to report as close to the time as possible when a behavior disruptor occurred to maximize the effectiveness of this feature”, read the patch notes. “Once reported, a temporary audio recording will be used to create a text file transcription through text-to-speech programs.”

The explanation continues, apparently hoping to allay players’ concerns about privacy and how the data will be stored. “No one listens to the temporary audio recording, which is quickly deleted after being transcribed,” it read. “Transcripts are only made for reports of disruptive behavior in public voice channels, which includes team and match chat – group chat is excluded.”

It remains to be seen if this new feature can bring down complaints of toxic behavior in the game. Although considering all the abusive messages shared in text chat as well, this transcription software won’t necessarily get rid of all toxic players overnight.

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