Outstanding Streaming Mic, The ETHOS Earthworks, Gets a Massive, Much-Welcome Price Cut

The Earthworks ETHOS is one of the best broadcast microphones you can buy for streaming and content creation. We reviewed it earlier this year, and the only CON we named was its hefty $699 price tag. To date, this price has followed the path of the Dodo, and the ETHOS is officially available at $399 until the end of the year or while supplies last.

The ETHOS is a remarkable microphone in more ways than one. Its stainless steel design is a shining beacon of its build quality – and we mean it literally. It will reflect any light in your room and look stunning on camera.

More importantly, it looks fantastic. It uses Earthworks’ ultra-fast condenser microphone capsule. Like the Icon Pro XLR, the ETHOS is capable of capturing exceptionally clear transients for a realistic and detailed sonic signature. The ETHOS has been tuned for voice capture, however, and also has a very full body to give you extra presence when streaming or recording your podcast.

Unlike its main competitors, the Shure SM7B and the Electro-Voice RE20, the ETHOS uses a condenser capsule. It is able to capture a much more realistic and true-to-life sound, devoid of the dynamic “crunch” audible in these pickups. It also makes driving easier, saving you from investing in an expensive gain amplifier just to be heard by your audience.

While $399 is surely still expensive, it has price parity with the SM7B but will end up being much cheaper to add to your setup. The SM7B requires a gain booster, or an expensive audio interface, to be heard, so that $399 quickly becomes $499 or more. Without this additional requirement, the ETHOS will save you over $100 and invest it elsewhere in your setup.

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