NFL Combine: WR Chris Olave would like to join the Raiders


Fans finally got a chance to see some of their favorite prospects on and off the training ground. A receiver who entered the draft had a special message for Raider Nation.

The NFL world descended on Indianapolis this week for the NFL Combine. Many of the top prospects took turns on the mic to answer questions from the media and other events. One of them was former Ohio State catcher Chris Olave, who was one of the best catchers in the country.

Olave is expected to be picked in the first round of the draft in April, and many are hoping he will fall to the Raiders at the No. 22 pick. It seems Olave is also hoping it will go that way when asked how he would feel playing for the Raiders.

What did Chris Olave have to say?

“My older brother is a huge Raiders fan; I would like to go. They moved to Las Vegas recently and they have a great organization, and I would love to go there and play for them. -Olave speaking the prospect of gambling in Vegas

Olave, who stands at six foot one and weighs 188 pounds., was described as one of the smoothest road runners in the draft. He has speed, great ball skills and all that on top of his pristine route. Olave can take over a defense and be used as both a deep threat and a dynamic receiver underneath.

Fittingly, Olave was a Biletnikoff Award semi-finalist while at Ohio State. He also placed his name along with other great receivers in the OSU record books for offensive outing. Olave posted significant figures at Ohio State playing opposite another high-powered receiver, Garrett Wilson. He is finishing his final year with 65 receptions, for 939 receiving yards and 13 touchdowns.

Speed ​​kills, Olave would fit right in with the Raiders

Olave predicted he would make a splash in the 40-yard sprint, and he did it first, clocking in at 4.26. He was immediately declared the Raiders’ favorite, especially given the late Al Davis’ notorious obsession with speed. The time was later adjusted to 4.39, but Olave was still declared one of several draft winners. During field drills, quarterbacks frequently knocked down receivers, but Olave worked with what was given and landed some impressive catches. Olave showcased his clean route, quick breaks and strong hands.

The Raiders were looking for an option to replace Henry Ruggs III after his mid-season exit. Fortunately, Olave is more than a suitable option. It’s always exciting to hear a top athlete as powerful as Olave publicly declare his interest in playing for the Raiders. In this circumstance, it’s safe to say that the feeling is mutual.


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