New aiXplain Beta Offers Major Feature and Usability Improvements for Members

The beta version of aiXplain has been completely redesigned to become the reference source for using, developing and improving AI/ML models.

LOS GATOS, CA., November 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, aiXplain releases a major update to its public beta! Members have the option to self-register for immediate access to all of aiXplain’s expert-level AI tools in Benchmark, Design, and AutoMode. Existing members will benefit from aiXplain’s performance, stability and usability improvements.

Benchmark incorporates expanded industry-relevant metrics covering quality, latency, speed, footprint, cost, bias, and drift tracking, supported by the ability to involve human evaluation in the loop when this is possible and desired. Benchmark reports are now more interactive, offering insights into model performance that can be used to improve the respective dataset and model through detailed AI-driven system assessment.

On a single canvas, Design offers countless possibilities where building complex AI systems and deploying them through a single API becomes effortless. Further enhancing the tool, Design now supports multiple inputs and outputs in a single pipeline as well as conditional data routing. Members can now also use Design to run their data through pipelines to further enrich the data with auto-generated or human-generated labels, which in turn can then be used with any other tool in aiXplain .

With this release, aiXplain puts an end to the paradox of choice for its members who want to find the optimal system by introducing best-in-class technology, AutoMode; a special AI-driven AutoML system “putting together” various AI systems. This tool enables powerful machine translation (or speech recognition), through the integration of various specialized and generic translation systems (or speech recognition systems). This allows for a combination of various specialized systems across subject areas, accents/dialects, languages, etc. to arrive at the best overall translation (or speech recognition).

With an ever-expanding library of models and an improved intuitive and scalable user experience, members are fully supported with expert-level tools, in all their creations to build, diagnose, and improve AI systems and skill sets. data, continuously and efficiently on aiXplain. Sign up today to start enjoying a seamless model development and deployment experience.

About aiXplain, Inc.: aiXplain is where nothing stands between you and the power of AI. To provide unique and insightful tools developed by highly experienced leaders in AI science to serve vendors, researchers and customers looking to improve their engagement with AI/ML. To find out more, visit or contact us at [email protected].

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