Music, passion and powerful women: Launch of Amplify HER, an exciting new podcast from the UN

amplifyHER is a UN News production, supported by SoundCloud. The first episode airs Thursday, November 24 on all major podcast platforms. Subsequent episodes will be released on a weekly basis.

  • Episode 1: Milli (Thailand)

Teenage superstar Milli has become the first Thai artist to perform solo at the famous Coachella music festival, winning over a whole new audience. She has been making waves in her country since releasing her debut single Phak Kon in 2020, thanks to witty lyrics in English, Thai and several regional dialects.

  • Episode 2: MC Yallah (Uganda)

A successful artist from an early age, MC Yallah had to struggle to get back into the music industry, after taking the time to raise his family. A turning point came when she signed with Nyege Nyege, a record company that supports artists outside the mainstream. She took her music in a new, more experimental direction and now draws large crowds across Europe.

  • Episode 3: Carmen de Leon (Venezuela)

Carmen, a female songwriter from Venezuela, is exploding onto the scene as an artist and songwriter. She makes music in both Spanish and English and is a fiercely independent voice. Although she has lived in Mexico, the United States and Spain, she feels a strong attachment to her Venezuelan roots. Several of his videos have over a million views on YouTube.

  • Episode 4: Emel (Tunisia)

Emel Mathlouthi has been named the “voice of the Tunisian revolution”, after a video of her performing a version of the song “My Word is Free”, during a Tunisian street protest, went viral online during The Arab Spring.

  • Episode 5: Faouzia (Morocco/ Canada)

Faouzia, a young singer with a huge voice, was born in Morocco and raised in Canada. She started making a name for herself when she was just 15, posting songs on YouTube and winning Canadian music awards and accolades. Shortly after, while still in high school, influential EDM producer David Guetta invited her to feature on his song “Battle.”

  • Episode 6: Sarah Crouch (Jamaica)

Sarah Crouch is part of DejaVilla, a duo she formed with Brooklyn-based producer and songwriter David Marston, who provide the dance beats to her sultry vocals. Although her parents are both musicians, they encouraged her to study in the hospitality industry, knowing that earning a living in the music industry, especially in Jamaica, can be difficult. Cooking is still one of his passions.

  • Episode 7: Adomaa (Ghana)

Adomaa’s music career started when she started singing covers of songs she liked and recording them on her phone. Today, she is considered a leading figure in Afro-jazz and alternative music in her home country.

  • Episode 8: Alena Murang (Malaysia)

Alena Murang strives to preserve her indigenous Dayak Kelabit roots, which come from the rainforests and highlands of the island of Borneo. She was the first woman to professionally play and teach the Sape, a lute instrument of the island’s highland tribes traditionally reserved for male healers. She sings in the endangered Kelabit and Kenyah languages.

  • Episode 9: LIA LIA (Germany/China)

LIA LIA is the brainchild of half-Chinese, half-German artist Lia Wang. Her early releases garnered worldwide attention and led to a personal invitation from Doja Cat to support her on a series of German shows. She has over 245,000 subscribers on YouTube.

  • Episode 10: Lyn Lapid (USA/Philippines)

As a teenager, Lyn Lapid started posting cover videos on Youtube. In late 2019, she launched her Tik Tok page, quickly building an audience of five million followers, who were captivated by her voice. A snippet of his first original song, Producer Man, became the most viewed unreleased demo on a Tik Tok video in 2020.

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