Mother-daughter duo use their voice to celebrate diversity on radio


GREATER BARRINGTON – Growing up, Deisy Escobar got acquainted with the radio studio very early on. From the age of seven or eight, she accompanies her mother Martha Escobar – who has been animating since Latin world for 14 years – to its live broadcasts. “In the studio, watching my mom live, I really liked her energetic personality,” Deisy recalls of what piqued her curiosity. A request to “say something” on the air led to the regular recitation of short poems. As she got older and trained more behind the microphone, Deisy became a co-host.

“Our mission is to keep the immigrant community informed about all the services Berkshire County has to offer the Latino population,” Martha explained in a recent interview, citing guest speakers from various nonprofits including Volunteers in Medicine, 18 Degrees, Berkshire Immigrant Center, Elizabeth Freeman Center, and Berkshire Community College ESOL courses for adults. At first, the show was only broadcast in Spanish. After learning that there was a larger audience listening, we opted for bilingual programs.

“We try to keep our roots alive and welcome everyone who enjoys listening to our music,” said Martha, from Colombia, noting that music is an important vehicle for both understanding and celebrating culture. Today, this dynamic mother-daughter duo air twice a week, Friday evenings from Pittsfield and Sunday mornings from Great Barrington. Their bilingual show features Latin music, announcements for the immigrant community, and special guests.

“We welcome listeners from all nations,” Deisy said, repeating a Mundo Latino slogan. “We’re not targeting a specific group – everyone is welcome – and we try to mix it up a bit,” she said, citing musical selections that include classics, modern hits and “a variety of things. different that make [listeners] feel good, happy.

When COVID-19 vaccines became available, Mundo Latino hosted doctors from Fairview Hospital for a phone show that answered questions from the public about it. Last week, a cancer survivor joined the on-air Escobars to share their testimony, in what Deisy called one of the most special interviews she’s ever done. “Our microphones are always open, our studio is always open, for people who want to share – we give them that space,” she said.

The show is constantly evolving. Mundo Latino recently added a new program, Immigrants Who Make a Difference, featuring success stories from leaders of Latino and immigrant communities, intended to “inspire newcomers to the region, who are just starting out,” he said. Deisy explained about the program which was his mother’s idea. “At the same time, we want people to recognize [these leaders] in case they need help, they know where to go and who to ask, ”Martha added.

National Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrated between September 15 and October 15, is an opportunity to celebrate the stories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. The timing is right: September 15 marks the anniversary of the independence of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua; 16th for Mexico and 18th for Chile. Locally, Saturday marks the 25th anniversary of the Latino Berkshires Festival.

“Every year there are new dancers and new performers, and this year – because there was no Latino Festival last year – they are doing everything they can, and there will be food. , music and culture everywhere, ”Deisy said of the happenings. leave Saturday at noon at Saint James Place in Great Barrington, where she and her mother will volunteer behind the scenes.

What makes the Berkshire immigrant community unique? “We are a diverse culture,” Martha said, pointing to neighbors in Guatemala, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Honduras and El Salvador. “It’s not easy to leave our home country and start a new life with a new language,” Martha said, but “we are [all] looking for a better future for our families.

“The Latino community has grown tremendously over the past few years and continues to grow,” said Deisy. “What I find so special about growing up here is that everyone comes with their own story and their own goals of what they want to accomplish here,” whether he has lived in the Berkshires for 20 years or two months. “What I find so beautiful is [they all] share the same passion and desire to work hard in this country, to achieve it and to be successful – for themselves and their families, ”said Deisy. “There are so many leaders in the Latino community who are so passionate about service, improving the community, doing what they can to help others,” all of whom contribute to the unique community that ‘we find here.

“We work hard and we support each other a lot,” Martha said. “It’s great to see the Latino community grow and grow every day! We learn from each other.

NOTE: nase a las premiadas presentadoras Martha y Deisy Escobar mientras comparten local notices, información de la comunidad y música fantástica, todo desde el punto de vista de los hispanohablantes de nuestra comunidad! Listen on Fridays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. WTBR, 89.7 and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. WBCR-LP, 97.7 and visit the Mundo Latino Facebook page.

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