Mohan Silaparasetty Of Times Presents Advances In AI And Deep Learning


On day one of the Association of Data Scientist’s (ADaSci) Deep Learning DevCon 2021 (DLDC), Mohan Silaparasetty of Times Professional Learning (a division of Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.) set the tone for the conference with a session on “State of AI and Deep Learning”.

A former student of IIT Kharagpur, Mohan was previously Vice President of SAP Labs India and General Manager of IBM. His current role at The Times is that of Technology Programs Manager. Mohan is also an entrepreneur. He co-founded Bengaluru-based software company Trendwise Analytics in 2012.

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During the DevCon 2021 session, Mohan focused on the following key topics:

  • AI market
  • Recent headlines in the AI ​​space
  • Use of AI in our daily life
  • New advances in deep learning
  • Art by AI

In addition, he highlighted the top 10 emerging technologies in 2021:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality
  • Internet of things
  • Block chain
  • Cyber ​​security
  • FinTech
  • 5G network

AI market

According to IDC, the global market for AI – software, hardware and services, will reach a value of $ 554.3 billion in 2024, up from $ 327.5 billion in 2021, growing at a CAGR of 17.5 % during the forecast period. In terms of segment, the software market is valued at $ 37 billion. By virtue of this, the new segment of AI-centric applications and middleware tools is expected to grow at the fastest rate, followed by high-priced AI-infused applications or middleware tools, facilitation platforms. AI and AI manufacturing platforms.

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While the United States has always been at the forefront of technological advancement, China is not far behind. According to Gartner, China is questioning US dominance in terms of the quality of AI and will soon catch up. Mohan supports this prediction by citing the example of Hua Zhibing, the world’s first Chinese virtual student. Hua can learn, draw and compose poetry. In the future, China has the ambition to teach Hua to code.

Additionally, Gartner’s AI Hype Cycle predicts that technologies such as chatbots, autonomous vehicles, and computer vision are gradually losing their infatuation. On the other hand, the generation of AI, intelligent robots and synthetic data is turning the curve up.

Advances in AI

Mohan believes the pandemic has sped up AI research. As a result, overall, four segments have gained immense traction in the AI ​​arena:

  • Drones: In the Indian context, the implementation of Drone Rules 2021 has pushed the Indian drone industry by making it easier and cheaper to operate drones in the country. Under the new drone policy, no security clearance will be required before registration or licensing for drones. In addition, the government has reduced the fees required for permits.

Following this news, India and the United States signed an agreement to develop unmanned aerial vehicles (ALUAVs), or drones, that can be launched from airplanes.

  • Cancer research: Mohan highlights how AI and deep learning can now be used to detect cancer. On a related note, he mentioned how the American company Grail had developed the Galleri cancer test which can detect more than 50 types of cancer in a single blood test, with the help of ML. Forty-five of these types of cancer have no further recommended screening.
  • AI in our daily life: AI is ubiquitous in our lives more than we realize. Today we use AI in the form of robotic vacuum cleaners, smart home solutions, on our phones and even in our smart clothes.

Speaking of emerging trends in deep learning, Mohan mentioned speech recognition and NLP, textless NLP and generative networks. In addition to this, he discussed the strengths of GPT -3 and demonstrated how the OpenAI Codex API can be used to write code to develop a computer game. Finally, he demonstrated how AI can now be used to create art.

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Debolina biswas

Debolina biswas

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